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Please visit the voting booth and vote on September questions to Playmates VP of Boys' Toys Jeff Trojan. Just click on "New Ballot" to get started. Voting will close on the evening of Tuesday, September 4th.

Brand new images of card backs and playset backs and more straight from Rick @ New Force Comics. Click on the read more link to see the card backs and playset images. Thanks, Rick!

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Many high quality TV and movie collectibles have come out of Japan in recent years. Click the headline to see a rare Simpsons item that fits the bill. Not only is this a unique concept, but the sculpts look like some of the best ever. Marge's hair has never looked so attractive in 3D. Unfortunately, terrific Japan exclusives tend to become expensive premium collectibles. posted a review of The Simpsons DVD, including the complete text of Matt Groening's liner notes. The DVD remains a Top 5 seller at in the company of some of the most successful movies ever.

You can already find the Simpsons 2002 wall and desktop calendars in stores like Spencer Gifts,, and booksellers. Collectors, take note, this is one item that would probably never be rereleased. (Harper Entertainment also offers a Futurama 2002 wall calendar.)

A staple of any major marketing blitz, Simpsons cereal may be coming to a supermarket near you. Full sample boxes were spotted on eBay: items #1628558151 and #1178115431. Now if only WoS action figures were prizes inside.

Burger King has this new Simpsons teaser image on their web site's toy page under "Coming Soon." We already published the toy images, but this reveals new information... read more

uEBay seller fordfairlane420 offers a complete set of World of Springfield, plus extra exclusives for the richly-inflated "Buy It Now" price of $6,799. The current high bid is over $2500. Even by eBay standards, this is pricy. Original retail before tax for the pieces offered is about $570. UPDATE: EBay has shut down the auction!... read more

Member Treehouse of Horror has learned from distributors the case sizes for Playmates' new Simpsons product lines. Celebrity Series cases contain 6 figures (half as much as World of Springfield cases), Celebrity 2-Pack cases contain 4 sets, 10" Figure cases contain 4 figures, and Blocko 3-Pack cases contain 6 sets. This means evenly packed cases will be possible for all.

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