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SDCC 2005: We Came, We Saw, We Geeked

Last week (from July 13-17) was the annual Comic Con in San Diego and the usual SCS crew was out again in full force. In order to make those who didn't go jealous, we have added many images to the SCS Magazine. More will be posted later in the week. We also recommend reading Michael Crawford's SDCC Review for a look at great toys on display this year and his take on the show. We hope to see even more faces next year! Thanks to Robin, Ken, Scott, and Jon for their planning efforts.

Season 6 DVD Extras Revealed

The details on the Season 6 DVD bonus features have started to come out. has posted a news item with a partial, but detailed, listing of the extras, by disc. They include over 50 deleted scenes, animation showcases, a confession from Matt Groening, and the usual audio commentaries. This looks like it could be the best Simpsons DVD set yet. Thanks to Loys Johnson for the heads up.

SDCC 2005: Gentle Giant - Simpsons Bust-Ups

Gentle Giant had a number of great items on display at last week's Comic Con, including their upcoming Simpsons bust-ups. We have posted images in our Release Guide. According to an internet preorder at ActionFigureXpress, the first series will be: Bart the Raven, Count Burns, Devil Flanders, and Kang & Alien Maggie. Others shown at the Con include Ralph eating paste, Apu and Sanjay at the Kwik-E-Mart, 'Fat Pride' Homer, and Bart and Marge at home. The rest of these will likely be released in later series.

After nearly two month hiatus, work on the server move resumes. The faulty hard drive has been identified and we have been able to bring up the server without it (at a lower disk capacity, unfortunately) and do stress testing for about a week to make sure that the other hard disks and hard drive controllers are functioning. There were no errors during the test, so the work to move the sites ... read more

UPDATE : An image has been posted on our forums.

CritterBox, makers of fine vinyl toys for many underground comics and cartoons are developing a line of toys based on Matt Groening's "Life In Hell" comic strip. The figures on display at San Diego Comic Con included Akbar and Jeff, Blinky, Bongo and Sheba. The release date of these figures is not yet known. Pictures are hopefully forthcoming.

As in previous years, the SCS staff is attending the upcoming Comic Con International in San Diego (July 13-17) and we hope to see some familiar faces and maybe some new ones too! The biggest SCS events are both on Friday: There is a Simpsons Collectors Meeting at 2:00-3:00pm in Room 24A (in the new portion of the Convention Center, on the top floor, on the city-side hallway near the South end of the building) and also an SCS dinner at 7:30pm at the House of Blues. There also many panels of interest to Simpsons collectors and other planned activities throughout the weekend. Check out all the fun we had last year in our Magazine.

NOTE: A full schedule of planned Con activities is up in our Magazine.

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