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Comic Con 2004: The Aftermath

UPDATE: Many more images have been added now.

So another Comic Con has come and gone. In order to make those who didn't go jealous, we have added many images to the SCS Magazine. Keep checking back for more. We also recommend reading Michael Crawford's SDCC Review for a look at the great toys on display this year.

According to Diamond Comics' weekly shipping list, the following Simpsons items (including Series 16) will ship this week to comic stores and other retailers who ordered them:

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'Tis The Season To Be Greedy

Hawthorne Village has recently announced the new Festive Friends Collection, a series of figurines that is intended as a companion to their Christmas Village set. These figurines were originally supposed to come with the Village sets, as this picture shows, but now they are being distributed as a separate subscription set. We think this is a greedy ploy in a series of bad moves by them and we hope disgruntled collectors will contact them and let them know your opinions on these practices. Thanks to member semaj nala for the info and images.

No new news on the WoS front, just an update on where the line stands. Series 16 has been selling fast (particularly Devil Homer and Brain Freeze Bart), so don't wait on these. They will disappear quickly. The Town Square environment is due for release next month. Also due out later next month are the TRU exclusive rereleases, which will be the original sculpts in the original packaging. The currently planned figures for re-release are: Bart, Homer, Lisa, Grampa, Smithers, Lenny, Otto, Wiggum, Krusty, Mr. Burns, Barney, Ned, Moe, Nelson and Milhouse. These releases will mark the official end of the WoS line.

Yeehaw! Ride 'em, Couch-boy!

Hamilton has recently announced the next three sets in their Couch Gag collection, which reenacts classic couch gags from the opening credits. The next three planned sets are: Couch Rodeo, Couch Pyramid, and Couch Lift-Off. SCS members report that the Couch Pyramid has started to ship early. No word how this affects the other sets. Thanks to member YabbaDabbaDoh for the images.

UPDATE: A full schedule of planned activities is up in our Magazine.

As we posted previously, the SCS staff is attending this week's Comic Con International in San Diego (July 21-25) and we hope to see some familiar faces and maybe some new ones too! On Friday night, SCS members (who have RSVP-ed here) will be having dinner at Buca di Beppo at 8pm. The cost will be $27.95 per person. Members coming to dinner will meet in the Convention Center at the Lobby H escalators at 7:30pm after the New Line panel ends. Then, on Saturday, we will have a Simpsons Collectors Meeting at 4pm in Room 18 on the mezzanine level. Invisible refreshments will be served.

Treehouse of (Simpsacrap) Horror

UPDATE: Bixler22 has provided a larger image.

For budget-conscious collectors, the newest collection by Hawthorne Village/Collectibles Today will be both a trick and a treat. They are releasing a Halloween Village, which will be available in several installments starting with the 'Simpsons Family Home' piece. This is similar to the Christmas Village subscription that's currently running. Looks like a sure hit! Thanks to member bixler22 for the image.

MWC, Have You Got Any Grease?

Sideshow Toy continues to churn out their Simpsons mini-busts and Michael Crawford reviews the latest on his Review of the Week site... Groundskeeper Willie! It's just started to ship and is available to order on the Sideshow website. They also have preorders for the other busts: Wiggum, Sideshow Bob, and Grampa Simpson. If the review isn't on the front page, check out the Cartoon Reviews archive.

Longtime SCS member and online Simpsons retailer SunwayCo has some bad news for collectors... he is going out of business. However, that does mean discounted prices on the remaining stock, so please check out the site! We thank SunwayCo for their contributions to the Simpsons collecting community and wish them the best in their future endeavors.

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