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SDCC Coverage Begins: Playmates Toys

Our coverage of San Diego Comic Con 2003 begins with photos from Playmates Toys booth.

Go to our Magazine to see the story.

The official prototype image of the Aztec Theatre playset (with the exclusive McBain figure) can be seen on the preorder page of online retailer Entertainment Earth. As we mentioned yesterday, this set is due out in the Fall with Series 14.

More Limited Edition Dioramas on eBay

SCS member mh002a6228 gives us a heads up that more Limited Edition "First Run" Diorama sets have popped up on eBay, if you are still interested in obtaining one. These sets are individually numbered and come with a pre-printed Certificate of Authenticity. For those who don't care about the certificate, these Diorama sets will be available in stores very soon.

Saturday is

Saturday is "Pin Pals" day at the San Diego Comic Con. If you have the button-up "Pin Pals" bowling shirt, please wear it on Saturday!

The current issue of Tomart's Action Figure Digest (#111, 2003) includes new photos of the THOH4 and the Flashback (Ullman) Set. Check out the Release Guide for small scans of the photos.

Sneek Peak At Aztec Theatre

Staffer Ham Salad reveals a hidden treat on the card inserts of some of the Series 13 packages- a small look at the Aztec Theatre playset, due out in the Fall with Series 14. It's likely that the set will be on display at the Playmates Toys booth at the San Diego Comic Con later this week, where we will bring you detailed coverage.

Series 13 Is Out!

UPDATE: The Military Antiques Shop has now been spotted at Target too.

Can I get a "Woo-hoo!"? SCS staffer Ham Salad reports that he picked up the Series 13 figures at a Target in Pasadena, CA. We have updated our Release Guide with loose and MOC pictures of the series. Please stay tuned to our Sightings & Shipments forum for updates on local sightings.

MWC Tries Out The Rack-And-Peanut Steering

With only a few days before our journey to San Diego, our own Captain Toy has taken the new The Homer model car out for a test drive. It is the subject of the latest review on Michael's Review Of The Week. Check it out! (If the review is not on the front page make sure to check out the Cartoon Reviews archive for the date 7/14/03.)

Eye On eBay: WoS Test Shots

There's been a growing number of WoS test shots (an early prototype) showing up on eBay lately, much to the interest of Simpsons collectors. eBay seller kingsunrunner has a number of auctions for some right now, including Plow King Barney, PJ Burns, and the Blue-Haired Lawyer. For test shot newbies, our staffer Markwars1972 has done a previous article analyzing them. reports that Fox is releasing another themed DVD set, like the upcoming "Treehouse of Horror" DVD. This new one - "Christmas With The Simpsons" - is due out on October 14th and will retail for around $15. No details yet on what it contains, except that the included supplement is a "Burns montage featurette". Also, in good news, the Season 3 box set is still on track for its August 26th release date.

MORE NEWS: First...2..Last

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