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WoS Figures Are Syndication Salesmen

SCS member FantasticDan brought in a very interesting report today. It seems the WoS bug has bitten local TV advertisers. WB-43 in Syracuse, NY (which syndicates "The Simpsons" in that area) is using WoS figures in its commercials for the show. Check out his report in our Magazine.

Rick from New Force Comics has just sent out the newest Simpsons newsletter to those on the mailing list. In it, he gives updates on the shipping status of Wave 9, All-Star series 2, and Assortment E playsets. He also has info on upcoming preorders.

... read more

UPDATE (7/11): A listing of all the films has been added below.

The WoS line definitely needs a Jay Sherman figure to help judge the impromptu film festival held in our forums. SCS member the hurting glavin mmhey has created a number of funny and original short films starring the WoS figures. Others have joined in on the fun, too. Check 'em out or post your own!... read more

A new version of the Simpsons Clue board game, distributed directly by Parker Bros., has hit Toys R Us locations. Member YabbaDabba Doh picked one up and has looked at the revisions....... read more

According to Diamond Comics' weekly shipping list, the following Simpsons items will be shipping this Wednesday to comic stores and other retailers who ordered them... read more

SCS member Brian Raft is Brain Fart noticed that has reduced their price on the Season 2 DVD box set from $37.49 to $32.49 If you pre-ordered the set from Amazon be sure to check your order status; it is important that you contact customer service and request an adjustment to receive the current lower price.

Christmas Isn't Cancelled, Ornament In Stock

The 2002 Carlton Simpsons Christmas Ornament, "Springfield Elementary School Presents: 'A Simpsons Christmas"' is now available to order from Carlton Cards and an entry has been added to our Release Guide for the item.

MWC Makes Like Arnie Pie at WW 2002 Convention

Check out some images from the Wizard World East 2002 Convention in our Magazine

All These New Superheroes Suck... Or Do They?

Check out the in package image of the Kay-Bee Toys exclusive "Bongos Collide" 3-Pack which we've added to our Release Guide.

Some of Playmates' current and upcoming Simpsons products were displayed at this weekend's Wizard World convention in Chicago. Featured at American Dream Comics, the most noteable are packaged pictures of the "Deep Space Homer" and "Homer At The Bat" Episode Collector-Packs. Note that the front of the packaging has been improved (with episode-specific images) since Toy Fair. There is also a new loose shot of the KBBL Studios playset.

MORE NEWS: First...23..Last

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