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New Force Offers KBBL Pre-Orders

New Force Comics & Collectibles has started taking pre-orders for the interactive KBBL playset with Bill and Marty (an EB/Diamond shared exclusive). As usual, Rick's price is below what other retailers are charging for the exclusive - a single playset is $21.99. There are also volume discounts available for those ordering more than 4 pieces. Rick reminds us that New Force will be offering a great price on the forthcoming Moe's Tavern playset as soon as Diamond Distribution solicits the order.

According to Diamond Comics' weekly shipping list, the following Simpsons items will be shipping this Wednesday to comic stores and other retailers who ordered them :


MWC Gets Episode Specific

In his latest review, Michael Crawford takes a look at the mini-figures in the Deep Space Homer and Homer At The Bat Episode Collector 5-packs. Be sure to check out his site to read his complete review (located in the cartoon review section for the date 7/29/2002 if it's not on the front page).

We've posted a magazine article with the poll results for our recently concluded World of Springfield Re-Release Poll. The percentage of respondents who selected a particular choice is shown for each question in the poll.

WOTC Plays Their Cards Right

In a press release today, game maker Wizards Of The Coast (WOTC) announced their plans for "The Simpsons Trading Card Game". Beginning in late 2002 WOTC will release four "Theme Decks" at a suggested price of $7.99, each consisting of 40 cards. Collectors will also be able to purchase smaller "Booster Decks" for around $2.99, each with 11 additional cards. There will be a total of 156 different cards used in the game, each based on popular characters and quotes. ... read more

'Faces of Springfield' Arrive In Stores

UPDATE (7/25): It appears that these have hit U.S. stores as well, a little bit earlier than expected. San Diego, CA member Red the Trucker found a Smithers figure and others have also been found as far west as Michigan, so look for the Faces of Springfield line to arrive in Targets in your area soon.... read more

Reports are in from SCS members in Australia that Series One WOS Figures have been showing up at select stores down under. Date stamp samples taken from card-backs show that these figures are recently manufactured and not older overstock. ... read more

According to Diamond Comics' weekly shipping list, the following Simpsons items will be shipping this Wednesday to comic stores and other retailers who ordered them :


A nice little article in the Home and Garden section of today's New York Times focuses on one Simpsons fan's passion for the show's merchandise. A good chunk of it is devoted to the WoS line with other mentions for the DVDs, CDs, and animation cells. You can read the article online if you are registered with the site.

A new column has been added to the WoS Checklist, a feature available to registered members of the SCS. The new "On Order" column will better allow collectors to keep track of what they have and what they have on order. If you are not registered with our website, you can do so here. Please note that this is a separate registration/login from the message board.

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