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An upcoming episode of A&E's The Incurable Collector features a segment on Simpsons collectibles. It first aired at noon today but airs again on Saturday, July 21st at 6:00 PM EST. Look for it in an online TV listing index like

Wave 5 figures continue to roll out across the nation at Target stores. The latest sightings come from Colorado and Minnesota. We can't report them all but no matter where you are, you should keep your eye on the Target.

There are only 2 more days left to vote in the 1st Annual Simpsons Collector Sector Blinkies Awards! Vote for your favorite toys in 10 categories from the first year of World of Springfield. It is up to you to decide who will get the coveted Blinky! Remember, you will need to register... read more

Dark Horse Comics has announced that the 4th edition of Simpsons Pop-Out People will be based on the first Treehouse of Horror episode. It will ship appropriately enough in October. View our Pop-Out People page for more information on this line.

Better late than never, a week or two after Wave 4 figures and playsets began showing up in KB retail stores, has added Wave 4 figures to their site at the premium price of $9.99 each. Click here to begin shopping.

After failing to offer Waves 3 and 4, Simpsons toy activity at is once again heating up. Wave 5 figures are now available as pre-orders due on July 15th... read more

We've officially opened our virtual "doors!" Thank you to all of the message board members. Without the success of the board, this site never would have been made. This site belongs to our entire community and we hope you enjoy it!... read more

We've had reports of Wave 5 figures hitting Target stores in California! Be on the lookout!

The Online Store sold out of their allotment of the ToyFare Boxing Homer exclusive after about 27 hours. At this point the only way to order the figure is to mail in the coupon from ToyFare #49, now arriving in subscriber's mailboxes and on sale at comic book stores.

The Online Store is now offering a chance to secure the upcoming Convention Comic Book Guy ToyFare exclusive figure early... read more

MORE NEWS: First...23456..Last

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