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MORE NEWS: First...23456..Last has Wave 5 figures up for pre-order again, but the arrival date has been changed from July 15th to August 15th even on prior pre-orders. It looks like having a guaranteed order and getting it before they ship locally is still too good to be true. However you can always cancel unshipped orders or return them to local Toys 'R Us stores when they arrive.

EZBoard seems to have fixed whatever problems they were having. The message board is back up. Downtime lasted about an hour until 7:45 PM EST.

It appears that EZBoard is having problems; whenever that happens our message board is not accessible until EZ Board is back online.

7/16/2001 Diorama-Rama - discuss

A new image of Pop-Out People #4 - Treehouse of Horror has been added to the Pop-Out People page.

One thing we can feel secure in is that, unlike the latest toys, The Simpsons DVD Boxed Set coming this September will not be hard-to-find. The only question is where to find it for the lowest price. We have the answer... read more published an article bemoaning the rising prices of World of Springfield toys on both the secondary and retail market.

In an unusual move, two NY TRUs are reportedly planning to advertise a one-day sale of Wave 5 figures by the case in the near future. Here is an advance copy of the flyer.

Here is a copy of this weekend's Simpsons e-mail update from New Force Comics & Collectibles with the latest details on their available stock and shipments... read more

It appears that is sold out of their pre-orders for Wave 5 figures. Each one is now on back-order status and unavailable for order.

We have added close-up images of each Wave 5 carded figure to our release archives. Click the headline above to view them.

MORE NEWS: First...23456..Last

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