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The first Pin Pal Burns has arrived in mailboxes. Check this eBay auction for a picture of the boxed figure. Wizard has confirmed that they began shipping the figure this week.

Playmates has finally made a long-awaited update to their Simpsons web page, something we've been waiting for since Series 2. Best of all, this update announces Series 8 figures and environments and the next ToyFare exclusive. Here is a list of this update's major revelations... read more

Just added a new feature to the site. Users with accounts can have their own World of Springfield checklist (featuring all released and known unreleased figures and playsets) on our site.... read more

According to Wizard's representative, "The Mr. Burns figure should be at our fulfillment house by the end of this week. They should start shipping within the next few weeks."

We've received a report of Wave 5 figures hitting TRU in NY state. Reports are becoming all too typical, with the figures selling out within minutes often to just one collector or dealer. WoS seems to have finally created a wide-scale feeding frenzy like no action figures have since Star Wars and Spawn five years ago. At least we have more online ordering options today.

Check out Michael's Review of the Week for a new in-depth review of Wave 5 figures, complete with loose pictures.

FOX has published a press release and new pictures of the Simpsons Season One DVD packaging including a shot of the disc art. Browse our DVD page to see it firsthand. Thanks to JasonSly for the report.

Amazingly enough, one of our members found a Wave 1 Lisa Simpson on the back of the pegs at an Osco drug store today! Here is a home page with a store locator for Osco. Osco is part of a larger conglomerate of stores, but it doesn't sound like anyone's had luck at the others.

Figures in mismatched packaging show up in every toy line from time to time. Collectors often write asking what such an "error" figure is worth. Now thanks to the miracle of eBay, you can find out by watching this auction. One thing's for sure, this is the only way Kamp Krusty Bart will ever sell for this much.

As you may have heard, ToyFare has begun printing "S" on subscribers' exclusive figure envelopes in order to "give priority" to "fulfilling" subscriber orders. What does this mean exactly? Wizard representatives sent this note out... read more

MORE NEWS: First...23456..Last

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