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Michael Crawford has weighed in with his opinion and offered a collection of facts about the ToyFare/Wizard/ToyWiz controversy. Read his Toys in the Attic opinion column at Comic Book Galaxy.

Growing dissatisfaction and a recent controversy over ToyFare's distribution of exclusive figures has sparked an outcry among Simpsons collectors. An online petition asking Playmates to discontinue association with ToyFare has begun.

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7/21/2001 Target Sale

We've received word that Target will have a toy sale including WoS Interactive Environments. They will be selling for $15.99 from Sunday, July 22nd to Saturday, August 11th. Series 5 sets are not scheduled to ship until September so don't expect to find those for the sale price.'s San Diego Comic Con coverage has added a picture of the upcoming 16" Krusty the Clown talking doll exclusive, the only other future Playmates Simpsons item on display at the con. Unfortunately the packaging design is not being shown.'s San Diego Comic Con coverage has pictures of the Radioactive Man/Fallout Boy boxed packaging as well as some colorful test shot prototypes. Playmates is not attending but Diamond Comics is displaying their exclusives.

According to one Electronics Boutique store computer, they will be putting Wave 5 figures out on August 1st.

EB's web site has a pre-order up for Series 5 playsets at $19.99, however you can't choose which one and it's doubtful they'll make the August 2nd ship date judging by Playmates web page schedule.

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The Simpsons Family Car has been spotted at the Suncoast mall store. Don't forget to check Media Play, On-Cue, and Sam Goody since all four stores are part of the Musicland company.

We have found a new low on the pre-order price of the Radioactive Man/Fallout Boy 2-Pack, $23.50 plus shipping from 3 Dogz Toyz.

It didn't take long for the resourceful Michael Crawford to find the last Series 5 figure he needed, Sideshow Mel. Read his detailed review complete with loose and diorama pictures at the Comic Book Galaxy.

MORE NEWS: First...23456..Last

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