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Here is a new image of Pin Pal Burns loose. Here are some additional facts... read more

Pin Pal Burns finally appears to be showing up in greater numbers. We've received multiple reports this week of people receiving the exclusive figure in the mail. So far only northeastern states like Maryland and Connecticut have received them.

Visit our new Voting Booth to choose which 10 out of 33 questions suggested on our forums we will submit to Jeff Trojan, VP of Boys Toys at Playmates. The top 9 will be sent, with #10 going to a question on foreign distribution. Voting will close on August 1st at 6 PM EST.
For answers to previous months' questions, check out our Magazine.
... read more

The Simpsons DVD is now #2 on's sales charts, topped only by Star Wars: Episode I. It is also the only top 25 title with a 5-star customer rating. The top names in action figures are now top in DVDs. Hopefully this sales success leads to more DVDs and with any luck a Simpsons movie.

New Force Comics & Collectibles has the Family Car in-stock and up for sale for $19.99 + $5.50 priority mail shipping. Series 4 figures are also still available in sets ($35.99) or cases ($57.99).

Series 5 figures were found at a Meijer in Kentucky on Friday. Reportedly the price has gone up there by 50 cents.

New Force Comics & Collectibles have now shipped out almost all of their Series 5 and Family Car pre-orders via UPS. Customers that live near New Force in Florida have already begun to receive them.

New Force Comics & Collectibles has given us an update on their negotiations with Playmates to sell an exclusive figure in the next year or two... read more

In response to the criticism of Wizard Entertainment Group as summarized in the petition to stop their Simpsons exclusives, Rob Felton, Director of Business Development for Wizard Entertainment Group, has sent a statement out... read more

With the news that Phil Hartman's voice has successfully been licensed, the petitions that collectors had been running for Phil Hartman figures are now moot. Therefore we have decided this is a great time to launch our new Moe's Tavern petition. Tell FOX and Gracie Films to let Playmates release this toy, as seen in ... read more

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