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We now have confirmed information to give you on the Simpsons movie promotion at Burger King restaurants next month, thanks to member Oliver Dubin. The full set will include 16 toys. The promotion will run from July 23 - August 26. The 16 toys are: Golden Homer, Homer Simpson, Chief Wiggum, Nelson Muntz, Ned Flanders, Montgomery Burns, Barney Gumble, Russ Cargill (a new character?), Bart Simpson, Krusty the Klown, Doctor Hibbert, Marge Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Maggie Simpson, Comic Book Guy, and Apu. The Gold Homer is likely a chase figure, since it is a variant of the other Homer. Click thumbnail above to see full-sized image; this ad was an insert packed inside the new movie figure sets by McFarlane Toys. Mmmmm, corporate synergy....

UPDATE (6/27): We've gotten even more new information that adds some confusion. Phil from Collectibles Universe sent us the image above on the right (click thumbnail for larger pic), showing 15 gold figures. Said Phil in his email, "all figs are gold and have a voice chip. Sourced from factory." An all-gold toy promotion seems odd, but we also can't imagine a gold chase figure for every toy either. If anyone else has information on the promotion, please let us know!

Back in March, we revealed that 7-11 would "refit 11 stores across the U.S... to resemble the front of the Kwik-E-Mart," and that "Customers also will be able to buy products inspired by the nearly two-decades-old show, including KrustyO's cereal, Buzz Cola and iced Squishees (the cup says Squishee, but the contents will be Slurpee)." So far, the only confirmed location of these planned 11 is in Henderson, NV (just outside Las Vegas). We do believe, however, that every 7-11 location will have some sort of Simpsons product available next month.

If you know of any of the other specific "Kwik-E-Mart" locations, though, please post info in our forums. Thanks!

McFarlane's Simpsons Movie Figures... Now Out!

McFarlane's assortment of figure sets for the Simpsons movie (in theatres in less than one month!) are slowly starting to trickle out. has a number of eBay auctions/sales for the main set of 6 toys: Movie Mayhem Homer, Movie Mayhem Marge, Movie Mayhem Bart, Movie Mayhem Lisa and Maggie, Homer and Plopper, and Itchy & Scratchy ('Presidential Politics'). Entertainment Earth has also received these six sets, as well as the "What You Lookin' At Deluxe Box Set" featuring Flanders, Bart, and the multi-eyed creature. BigBadToyStore has these all as well. These sets all feature sound, presumably clips from the movie. No retail sightings yet.

Simpsons Movie - Miscellaneous Product Announcements has what appears to be the final theatrical poster design for The Simpsons Movie. They also report that the final trailer is now online, exclusively on Yahoo. In merchandise news, there will be a limited-edition pink donut case for the movie soundtrack, which is available for preorder on Also, new Simpsons movie shirts are showing up at Sears stores (maybe elsewhere too). And Australian collectors can look for 17 Simpsons Flicker Trivia cards in specially-marked packs of Allen's candy packs. Thanks to all SCS members who helped find this news!

Burger King To Have Simpsons Movie Promotion

Burger King, which has done Simpsons promotions in the past in the U.S. (in 2001 and 2002), will have tie-ins for the Simpsons movie. This will likely be the July promotion at BK restaurants, but that's not 100% sure. There will be toys, but again how many and what kind is not yet known. A promo poster on eBay advertizes a related website-- but it is not live yet. Thanks to eBay seller 'bmartin1040' for the image. We will post updates when more solid news comes in.

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