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With two box sets released all ready (Ironic Punishment, Couch Gag) and two more sets on the way this Fall (Manimals, Lard Lad), McFarlane Toys is preparing the first official individual-figure series of its Simpsons line for release at the beginning of 2007. It's a packed lineup... six figures and a new box set. From their news page:

  • Figures
      -"Simple Simpson" -- Homer and Bart as the Pie Man and the Cupcake Kid, respectively. This fan-favorite episode originally -- originally aired on May 2, 2004 -- was a parody of Spider-Man 2. "Wherever danger appears, the Pie Man will strike!"
      -Homer & Krusty (of Homie the Clown) -- Homer becomes strangely fixated with the prospect of becoming a clown, and enters Krusty's training camp. Harkening back to the fifteenth episode of the Simpsons sixth season, which originally aired on Feb. 12, 1995.
      -Treehouse of Horrors: "The Raven" -- In this parody, Bart is the raven, Homer is the poem's lead character, Lisa and Maggie are seraphim, and Marge appears in a painting. Original airdate: October 25, 1990
      -Homer and Bart: "Why You..." -- featuring Homer and Bart, pushed to their limits. The father and son dynamic, Simpsons style.
      -Kamp Krusty -- When summer camp ("The Krustiest Place On Earth") doesn't turn out to be all he had hoped for, Bart stages a coup.
      -Treehouse of Horrors XV: "Marge and Homer in the Belly of the Boss" -- Originally airing on Nov. 7, 2004, this episode featured the Simpsons being miniaturized and injected into the body of Mr. Burns in a parody of the 1966 classic science-fiction movie, The Fantastic Voyage.
  • Boxed Set: Itchy & Scratchy: "Cape Feare: Spay Anything" -- This multiple-figure set re-creates one of Scratchy's most harrowing moments -- he sees a sign at Itchy's Cat Hospital that says "We Pay Your Pet $75." The minute Scratchy enters the hospital, Itchy reveals the sign said "We Spay Your Pet $75"!

    Looks like some fan-favorites mixed into that bunch! Thanks to Gooker1 and jellostick for the heads up.

    Captain Toy: Couch Potato

    The McFarlane Couch Gag is hitting stores all over the country and reviews are mostly positive. Our own Michael Crawford looks at it tonight on his Review of the Week website. While the paint job and application remains an inconsistency in these McFarlane sets, the sculpts and play feature score well. Gravity sadly still remains a cruel mistress, but the magnets and poseability work better than expected, and there are a few different ways to set them up. If it's not on the front page, check out his archives for the review.

    SCS Community Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

    On June 14, 2001 Mark Lindsey (and a group of loyal staffers) opened the Simpsons Collectibles message board, following the closing of Bill LaRue's Collecting Simpsons forum. Mark had hoped to create a new home for Simpsons collectors to discuss our favorite family and their merchandise, but we grew above and beyond our wildest expectations. Soon we would have this website (and new name- Simpsons Collector Sector) and would go on to become the biggest Simpsons collecting site on the web. Five years and tons of Simpsacrap later, the Simpsons Collector Sector is still going strong. The SCS staff thanks all our readers for sticking with us and making SCS what has been these past 5 years.

    Are you ready for more McFarlane? I hope so, because it appears the second set in the line- the Family Couch Gag Box Set- is officially out. It was in stock at (note: It's now sold out, though) and there is an in stock listing on eBay as well. Retail store sightings should follow soon at Toys R Us and other retailers.

    Meanwhile McFarlane has revised future plans for their Simpsons lineup. The next set will be, as predicted on the SCS forums in April, the manimals from the 'Island of Dr. Hibbert' short from "Treehouse of Horror XIII". It will feature Dr. Hibbert, Comic Book Guy, Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie. After that will be a Lard Lad set based on "Treehouse of Horror IV." The set will include "articulated Homer, Lard Lad with removable donut and Springfield cityscape diorama". Both of those are due out sometime this Fall. Individual figures series will begin in 2007. Thanks to joedick 33 for the heads up.

    UPDATE: We corrected an error... the two box sets are due this Fall. Individual figure releases (TBA) begin next year.

    UPDATE #2: Allenjob79 reports a retail Couch Gag sighting- at Spencer's Gifts. Pictures/reviews of the set are available in our forums.

    Howdy SCS readers, sorry to go all PBS on you, but the coffers are empty and we need your help...

    We're not getting a steady stream of income from Amazon or our previous funddrives and there's no "nest egg" left to use to keep things going, so we've decided to ask you, our loyal friends and fellow members to "pledge" a monthly amount to keep the site and message board going.

    As a $2/month or up pledging member, you will receive your choice of eternal gratitude, a nifty 1" button with the SCS logo on it or a 1" button your board photo on it (must be able to provide a 300x300 pixel image). Members who can pledge $1 a month will receive only our eternal gratitude (a $99.95 value!)

    To pledge, visit the Fund Drive page on the site. Make sure to include that you want the button in your notes and a URL to the image if you don't just want the SCS logo.

    Pledges that are currently set up are $1, $2, $5 or $10 per month for the period of one year. One time donations are also still available. Right now we need to pay for 3 months of website service that we owe and have about $100-150 in pledges per month so that we don't get in the hole again.

    Thanks! Your support is what keeps this site running and is immensely appreciated.

    Mmmm, Toy Reviews...

    The new series of Gentle Giant's bust-up line is hitting stores (sadly, retail outlets are limited these days- Hot Topic should have them- but many online toy shops should carry them) and Michael Crawford gives them the usual going-over on his Review of the Week website. His review and those on our forums indicate these are of the same great standard as Gentle Giant's previous work, but take our advice and don't kill yourself looking for those variants. If it's not on the front page, check out his archives for the review.

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