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Michael Crawford Takes On Australia

Michael Crawford looks at the new Simpsons PVCs from Australia on his Review of the Week site. This PVC set has been discussed on our forums and is divided into 3 series: "Evergreen Terrace" (Marge, Homer, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Flanders, Rodd and Todd), "Krustylu Studios" (Krusty, Tina Ballerina, Mister Teeny, Sideshow Bob, Sideshow Mel, Bart, and Corporal Punishment) and "Springfield Elementary" (Bart, Otto, Ms Krabappel, Milhouse, Nelson, Ralph, Skinner and Willie). If not on the front page, check out his archives. He also reviews the Hamilton 'Couch Scene' sculpture on the Movie Poop Shot website.

McFarlane fans are in for a treat at next month's San Diego Comic Con. New info posted at reveals that, in addition to their regular Con attendance, Todd McFarlane himself will host a panel entitled "Todd McFarlane Tells All," on Saturday, July 16, from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. in Room 8. This panel will cover all of McFarlane's current projects. Also, their booth on the main floor will feature samples of two-up prototypes of current and upcoming figures. This will be our first opportunity to see the upcoming Simpsons figure line! The SCS will be in attendance at the Con and will be reporting back with news and images. You can keep up with info on our McFarlane discussion forum. Thanks to member jellostick for the heads up.

On a related note, for those of you attending the Comic Con, there will be plenty of opportunities to meet your fellow Simpsons collectors. One such activity is the officially scheduled 'Simpsons Collectors Club' meeting on Friday, July 15 in ROOM 24A from 2:00-3:00pm. We will post a full schedule of planned SCS activities at the Con next week.

Season 6 DVD Cover Art Revealed

We had to wait a little longer than usual to see the cover art for the Season 6 DVD set and now we know why- They are completely changing the look of the sets. has an article on the new packaging, which is shaped to look like Homer's head and is sure to stand out on your shelf. The DVDs are packaged inside this case. The (tentative) plan is to release Seasons 7-10 in the heads of the other family members, although the order is not yet known. The listing also now has the cover up. Thanks to JeffBagwellRules for the heads up.

Earlier today, the SCS staff sent a mass email, asking all registered website members to verify their accounts. We have had a few questions about the validity of this email (given the number of scams around), so we just wanted to assure everyone that this email is legit and was sent by the SCS. The links in the email are completely secure. We apologize for any confusion.

Also, we wanted to update everyone on the message board thread loss that occurred after the recent hack. Ezboard has been working on restoring the lost threads and putting them back in the proper order. This process is almost complete and we have seen almost all threads restored at this point. Thanks to ezboard for their round-the-clock efforts.

On June 14, 2001 Mark Lindsey (and a group of loyal staffers) opened the Simpsons Collectibles message board, following the closing of Bill LaRue's Collecting Simpsons forum. Mark had hoped to create a new home for Simpsons collectors to discuss our favorite family and their merchandise, but we grew above and beyond our wildest expectations. Soon we would have this website (and new name- Simpsons Collector Sector) and would go on to become the biggest Simpsons collecting site on the web. WoS or no WoS, and despite the recent ezboard hack crisis, the Simpsons Collector Sector is still going strong. The SCS staff thanks all our readers for sticking with us and making SCS what has been these past 4 years.

Funko Bobbleheads Series 1 Revealed

We first reported back in January that the famous Funko company would be doing a line of Simpsons bobbleheads. Now the first series has been revealed as: Homer, Mr. Burns w/ Bobo, Moe w/ jar of pickled eggs, Duffman, and Apu (wearing his "Don't have a cow, man!" shirt). These bobbleheads are made with unbreakable PVC plastic and will come packaged in special window collector boxes. Thanks to member itchykorean for the info.

Tired of your boring old computer accessories? SCS member FantasticDan has informed us a cool new Simpsons product- the Homer J. Simpson USB Optical Liquid Mouse, available now on Some features are: USB Interface, Optical Mouse Structure, 2-button mouse with scroll wheel, Comfortable control, and easy control on most surfaces. Supports PC and Mac OS or Notebook. FantasticDan also points us to a review of the mouse, which is very complimentary.

The coroner? I'm so sick of that guy!

The Simpsons Operation game by Hasbro is due out in store very soon. has it listed with a June 15 release date and they are taking preorders. Their price is a nice $17.99. This is a remake of the classic Operation game in which you use plastic forceps to remove comical ailments such as Bowler's Thumb and Rubber Neck. Thanks to CletusTSJY for the heads up. Also, in other board game news, member homers doh main informs us that the Wheel of Fortune game is now at Toys R Us.

We first announced last Fall that Gentle Giant Studios was planning to release a line of Simpsons Bust-Ups this year. Now, we have our first look at them, courtesy of Action Figure Xpress. The first series (due appropriately enough, in October) is Treehouse of Horror-themed. They will be packaged in coffin shaped boxes. The series consists of: Devil Flanders, Bart the Raven (w/ Homer), Dracula Burns, and Kang and his daughter Alien Maggie. Later releases will likely have have a more general theme. These bust-ups stand 2-3" tall and come in several plastic pieces that fit together like a kit. These should be available in comic and hobby shops upon release.

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