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UPDATE: Please RSVP in our forums if you're attending. Thanks!

The SCS will be at this year's Comic Con International in San Diego (July 21-25) and we have again made plans to interact with our fellow collectors. On Saturday, July 24, we will have a Simpsons Collectors Meeting at 4pm in Room 18 on the mezzanine level. This will be a friendly get-together, so come and show your faces! We are also inviting any attending members to join us for dinner on Friday night at a restaurant to be decided soon (see this poll). Please note everyone will pay for their own meals, but feel free to pocket as much free bread as possible. We all had a great time meeting everyone last year and we hope to see many more Simpsageeks this year!

Woahhhh, That's Good Review!

Michael Crawford reviews the newest series of WoS figures... for the last time. MWC's Review of the Week site has that review up tonight, including a detailed analysis of each figure, some reminiscing on the line's end, and the asking of the question: Is Brain Freeze Bart the 'worst figure ever'?. If the review isn't on the front page, check out the Cartoon Reviews archive.

Attention all action figure customizers! A number of collectors are in the process of organizing a "Custom of the Year" award event, which is being housed on a specially created message board. The board is also a place where people can discuss customs in general and show off their work. They will have a special section for Simpsons customs. The award event voting will be presided by many knowledgeable folks, including toy company executives, toy designers, and our Captain Toy- Michael Crawford! More details will be revealed in the coming weeks, so keep checking back with the site. Good luck to those entering!

The Waiting Game Sucks. Let's Play The Game Of Life!

One of the more interesting new Simpsons items revealed at this year's Toy Fair, the Game of Life (Simpsons Edition) has started to hit stores. SCS member kermy812 reports he found the game at a Larson's toy shop in Ohio. It should hit major retailers very soon. Take a look at our Release Guide entry linked above for many detailed photos!

Not news, but rather a call for help from our dedicated Simpsageeks. The Season 4 DVD set is out and many have been going over them in search for easter eggs (the previous sets have all contained some). SCS member Nittany Tide mentions there is a bonus commentary for "Marge V. The Monorail" (featuring Conan O'Brien), but no others are known yet. If any of our readers find any others, please email us with the info. You will get your name on the SCS news page and the joy of helping others!

Season 4 DVD In Stores Now!

Without delay, the Season 4 DVD set is in stores today. The set features all 22 classic episodes and a wealth of extras, including commentaries and animatics. Sale prices for the week are: $35.99 at Target and Circuit City and a low price of $29.99 at Best Buy. Reviews are available online at,, and What're you waiting for? Go buy it!

According to Diamond Comics' weekly shipping list, the following Simpsons items will ship this week to comic stores and other retailers who ordered them:

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The Simpsons Collector Sector emerged this day, three years ago. The SCS would like to thank its staff, members, and Simpsoholics everywhere for making this such a great community. Come share a Duff and reminisce in our Town Hall with your fellow Simpsageeks.

Flashback To Great Sales

The online-exclusive Original Simpsons set is 50% off again at It has been on sale before, but was back at the original price for a while. At $19.99, this is a great bargain for one of the cooler exclusives in the line. If you have yet to pick this set up, we highly recommend doing so. Thanks to pinpal rob for the heads up.

Series 16 Arrives!

UPDATE (6/28): These are now in stock at most TRU and EB locations.

It appears that the Series 16 figures have arrived. We've received reports that Entertainment Earth has received the series and is shipping now. There also in-hand auctions on eBay. The Town Square set will not be out for a month or so. This is the last series of the WoS line, so show it some love. Thanks to all who reported this news.

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