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SCS Logo Store - New Stuff, New Designs

As part of our One Year Anniversary celebration (officially beginning next Monday), we've redesigned the SCS Logo Store with dozens of great new products and lots of new designs... read more

Friday June 14, 2002 is the one year anniversary of the Simpsons Collector Sector message board and the wondrous end of our pesky social lives. Celebrations begin Monday June 10th and continue throughout the week including the following:... read more

Mark Tarses from Sunway Co, sent out this update yesterday, with notice that Simpsons clocks are on sale at 50% off... read more

By way of introduction and to show their appreciation of our site and community, Brandon Toys is offering a special price on the Rocket USA Tin Windup Homer to SCS members and visitors.

Pictures of a couple of Series 9 figures up for preorder at show their accessories: Busted Krusty: bag of money, gun and prison number sign; Prison Bob: nuclear bomb, knife, bomb remote and rake

Wow.  Just Wow.

Michael Crawford has just obtained about a half dozen great promo photos from Playmates Toys, including photos of never seen before: Celebrity Series 3, Series 10 Figures, Asst. F Environments and Main Street

Read the article in our Magazine for complete coverage.


But you can still enjoy another series of 12 exclusive Simpsons 1" character buttons at Hot Topic, including Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Grampa, King Homer, SLH, Ralph, Wiggum, Skinner, Willy, Bumblebee Man and Moe.

Release of the pewter chess set from Unique Concepts (distributed by Rocket USA) in the U.S. has been delayed. The sets are now expected to ship from Rocket USA in late July or early August.

MWC Winds Up Homer

Check out Michael Crawford's latest review as he takes an in-depth look at the Homer Tin Wind-up from Rocket USA. You can check out his site to read his complete review (located in the cartoon review section for the date 6/03/2002 if it's not on the front page).

The SCS Logo Store is down for retooling. We hope to have it up within the next two or three days at the most - featuring loads of brand new designs and products!

MORE NEWS: First...2345

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