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WOSDB Updated with Series 9 and Asst. E

Our World of Springfield Database has been updated with images, info and phrases for Series 9 figures and Asst. E and for all the previously released figures on the new sets. Check it out!

Retailer Sunwayco has sent a new email to those on their mailing listing, which contains a lot of info on currently available products and those coming soon. Here is the complete email.... read more

Bill and Marty Pose for the Camera

EB posted a new picture of the shared exclusive KBBL with Bill and Marty playset (still up for preorder) this morning. We received the same image directly from EB as well!

As reported by Collecting Simpsons!, several merchandising promotions are bring planned by FOX to coincide with the Simpsons' landmark 300th episode which airs in the upcoming season. While no product list is given, Peter Byrne, executive vice president of licensing and merchandise for Fox, says there will be "an emphasis on toys and gifts". One such product is the previously announced 300th Episode Gift Set by Playmates Toys.

Lionel Hutz: Read the Fine Print

This has got to be the smallest and most detailed World of Springfield accessory ever. Lionel Hutz' business card is just over a 1/2" long and manages to contain as much or more printed text than your standard clipboard! Check it out!

The following notice appears on the bottom center of the Lionel Hutz World of Springfield figure's card front

... read more

Series 9 Carded and Asst. E Images!

Well, it appears Series 9 figures and Asst. E environments are indeed out (with sightings in both TRUs and Targets on the West Coast) and we have the pictures to prove it. Thanks to anakin_pdx for the images. We also got accessory info from Eric ( and here is the list.... read more

6/19/2002 New WoS Ad - discuss

SCS member Zen411 reports finding a Pops cereal box at his local store with Homer on the front. Surprisingly, there is an ad for the WoS figures and playsets on one of the side panels.

While the rest of us have to wait until August 6th like suckers for the Season 2 DVD set, some lucky DVD reviewers have already put it through the wringer.... read more

Itchykorean confirmed the distribution center allotments we received early last month for the exclusive Main Street environment, as well information on Series 9 figures and the New Year's playset.... read more

MORE NEWS: First...234..Last

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