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Our tireless researcher Barnacleez unearthed a Kellogg's / Fox Licensing press release which details the cross-promotion currently being run by the company in which Simpsons characters appear on Kellogg's breakfast cereal and Pop Tarts packaging. Mmmmmm... tasty!

Checkboxes for MIP have now been added to the World of Springfield Checklist - let people know you have TWICE as many toys as they do.

Think of How Awful It Must Be For the Poor Midget Inside

Two windups from Basic Fun have been reported as in stock at Play Things Past by member jbelkin. They include the Pin Pal Homer and Mr. Burns & Smithers 'Tunnel of Love' windups. We expect them to be available at many retailers and online retailers soon, but Play Things Past also carries many scale-accurate Basic Fun games/toys that make great additions to your World of Springfield display... read more

MWC: Christmas Isn't Cancelled!

Michael Crawford reviews the first three in a series of Simpsons Christmas ornaments by Bradford: Cat-astrophe, Santa's Little Helper and Ho Ho Homer. Be sure to check out his site to read his complete review (located in the cartoon review section for the date 6/24/2002 if it's not on the front page).

American Dream Comics posted this bulletin, which includes a brand new promotional image of the KBBL playset.

Each of our definitive guides to the World of Springfield has been updated as of today:

  • Price Guide - prices up to Series 9 / Asst. E
  • Master List - master list continues to grow, now includes twist tie information and bubble size
  • WoS Database - updated with new cross-reference links (packaging, series, character voice, character) and friendlier sorting features has posted Playmates' 2003 lineup and has revealed for the first time the future lineups for the 9" 'Faces of Springfield' line and updated info on the Bobblehead assortments.... read more

Reports from at least one MIP collector expresses concern over identical scratch-like markings and creases on carded Series 9 figures. The markings appeared on several cases worth of figures, with none of the cards being perfectly mint.

Collectors with fresh figures are encouraged to examine the packaging and give a report in the discussion thread on our message board.

Many members of our message board haven't taken advantage of our image hosting feature. If you have a "personal photo" or a small image for your signature that you need hosted, you can do so on our servers. Make sure you are logged in and then click on the "Upload an Image" link in your menu.

And now, the feature is even better! Just check the "Resize Image (60x60)" check box and your image will automagically be resized for use as an EZ Board personal photo. Perfect for Simpsonized caricatures and those tiny photos of ham sandwiches.

MWC Goes Tabloid

Michael Crawford takes you on the red carpet with an in-depth look at the second series of All-Star Voices figures. Be sure to check out his site to read his complete review (located in the cartoon review section for the date 6/24/2002 if it's not on the front page).

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