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EA has a new Simpsons videogame coming out sometime this Fall (exact details are not yet known). It will be available on multiple systems. Sam Sollers at GameAlmighty previewed the game, noting that it's a classic multiplayer, button-mashing mayhem that's reminiscent of the arcade hit... he also looks at the various levels throughout the game. The official press announcement further reveals that Matt Groening and the Simpsons creative staff helped write the original script for the game and that it features "close to an hour of original cinematics, and 8,000 lines of dialogue define the game as an extension of the show itself". IGN has a video preview. This sounds like the must-own videogame of the year!

SCS reader Aaron S. sents us this tip: "At Target, at least here in mid-MO, they have Simpsons crap in the '$1 store' section of the store. These include wraping paper, can coolies, bottle coolies, fridge magnets, pens, and pencils. There may have been more but that is all I can remember." SCS forum members report the same thing. The $1 section is usually near the checkout area at Target.

Season 10 DVD - Box Art Revealed!

UPDATE: The standard box art has also now been revealed on has come through again with DVD information before other sources. They have posted the Bart head box for the Season 10 DVD set, due out on August 7th. The standard box's art has not yet been revealed, but should be soon. Extras include commentary tracks, deleted scenes, animation showcases, Butterfinger commercials, other commercials, sketch galleries, and more. Thanks to SCS member jellostick for the heads up.

Simpsons Movie Figures - Secret Character Revealed

Previous photos of one Simpsons movie figure set from McFarlane Toys-- 'What Are You Looking At?' (w/ Bart & Ned)-- had a "top secret character" blacked out. FAO Schwartz's online listing for the product temporarily messed up and had the uncensored image available. We are not sure if seeing this character/creature constitutes a spoiler for the film, so we will not directly put it on our front page. If interested, simply click the thumbnail to the left of this news item. These sets are due out in the summer, hopefully before the movie premieres. Thanks to SCS member redmans for the heads up.

The Simpsons Celebrates 400 Episodes!

The Simpsons ends its season tomorrow night with two new episodes. The first episode-- '24 Minutes' at 8pm EST-- features Jack Bauer and Chloe from "24" coming to the aid of Springfield Elementary's CTU (Counter-Truancy Unit). Then at 8:30pm EST-- 'You Kent Always Say What You Want', the 400th episode!-- Ned Flanders leads a crusade to get Kent Brockman fired for swearing on air (with special guest star Ludacris). Don't miss it!

With all the movie excitment, we'd forgotten all about the DVDs. Don't worry, Simpsons geeks, they're still coming out. reveals that the Season 10 set is to be released on August 7th. Bart is the character that the box art will be based around this time. As usual, there will be a head-shaped box and a regular one. No images yet of these. It looks like there will be no shortage of extras on this set. Beside the usual commentary tracks, we can look forward to... deleted scenes, animation showcases, Butterfinger commercials, other commercials, sketch galleries, and more. Whew! Thanks to Ham Salad for the heads-up.

The gang at Secret Identity-- a weekly/geekly podcast-- recently did an interview with Todd McFarlane, where he discussed his toy company among other things. The podcast is available both on their website (Issue #59.5--Second Helping) or on iTunes.

We recently showed detailed images of the main Simpsons movie figure assortment by McFarlane Toys... 'Movie Mayhem' Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie; and Homer with the pig. Now we can show you detailed images of the movie sets-- 'Presidential Politics' (Itchy & Scratchy), 'Doodle Double Dare' (Bart, Sherri, & Terri), and 'What Are You Looking At?' (Bart & Ned)-- courtesy of Clark Toys. These are specialty-store only; the other movie assortments are not. These are due out in summer.

No, the Simpsons movie isn't out yet. But the Simpsons family is currently in theaters all across the country in the form of a large display piece. The piece is a larger-than-life-size Simpsons living room display, with the end table, the couch, the lamp, and the infamous sailboat painting. There are large plastic figures of all five Simpsons family members sitting on the couch, with an extra space for you to sit down and pose for a picture. You have to see this thing to believe it. Just another reason to head to the theater this summer.

Can't Get Enough Of That Wonderful Duff

Simpsons fans have waited years for officially-licensed Duff products and we finally got one! Boston America Corp. has released Duff Energy Drink. Okay, so it's not beer, but we'll take what we can get. No sightings for grocery stores yet. They seem to be showing up at collector-geared places like Canada's Sunrise Records. If anyone finds this elsewhere, let the SCS gang know!

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