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Simpsons Plush Line Finished After All

In February, we reported that Dakin was planning to continue the Simpsons plush line that had started under Applause. Now it appears that the reports of its resurrection have been exaggerated. Possibly due to a lack of retailer interest, Dakin has decided to discontinue the line. SCS member allenjob79 received an email from them stating "I am sorry to have to inform you that we are not going forward with our Simpson line this year. They are no longer a part of our line.". Unfortunately, that means the announced lineups at Toy Fair will not be released. Can I get a "D'oh"?

Minor update on the Season 6 DVD news front- has put it up for preorder, confirming the official August 16th release date. No cover art yet, we hope that will show up soon.

The Customs of the Year contest is finally over and the winners have been announced. This is a great bunch of customs and everyone who participated should be proud! We had some winners from our SCS crew- TCM Hitchhiker won twice for his Dr. Zaius custom, once for Best Animated (tie) and for Best Packaging as well. Baby Gerald also won the Best Simpsons category for his Frogurt Guy custom. Also, in a non-Simpsons win, member Luke314pi won Most Improved Customizer for his X-Men Onslaught custom. Congratulations, guys!

If you're reading this, then you can see the site back up on the old server. Changes made to your profile since 5/14/2005 have been lost (because they would have been made on the new server but not this one), including images that you uploaded, etc.

Long term plans have not been decided at this time (whether we will be repairing the new server, purchasing another new server or staying ... read more has reported an update on the Complete Season 6 DVD set. It is now scheduled for release on August 16. Recent FOX Home Video promotional inserts had been mentioning a June release date for the set, but it has been pushed back. This new date does appear to be the final release date, however. We will post an update when cover art and details on bonus materials are revealed.

Voting is now underway for the Custom of the Year Awards event. As a reference, images of all the nominees are available here. SCS members Baby Gerald, GrownUpGerald, Pretzel Fever, Keepoot6, TCM Hitchhiker, GrizzlyBearUnderwear are all nominated for awards. Rock the vote today! Good luck to all the participants involved.

Tomorrow Is Free Comic Book Day!

Tomorrow (Saturday, May 7) is the 4th annual Free Comic Book Day, a nationwide promotion at comic shops. There is no purchase required; just go into a participating shop and ask for your free books! You can visit the official website to locate the nearest participating store by you. There will be, of course, a free book from Bongo Comics featuring our favorite family. Mmmm, free...

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