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According to Diamond Comics' weekly shipping list, the following Simpsons items are shipping this Wednesday to comic stores and other retailers who ordered them:


UPDATE (5/17): Thanks to all of our members our fund drive is now finished.

Please help us reach our goal of $1200 for hosting and board costs (as well as subsidizing the planned SCS two-year anniversary celebration at San Diego Comic Con 2003).

You can donate and see the newest fund drive meter (by paulactionfig) by visiting our fund drive page.

Tonight at 8PM/7C, Steve Buscemi and Jackson Browne guest voice as themselves when Homer gets his driver's license revoked, and Marge can't handle the extra driving she has to do. A rerun of "Strong Arms of the Ma" airs earlier at 7:00PM.

Springfield To Get More Homies

JGP Toys has published a prototype image of the upcoming second series of Capsule World figurines, which they have up for preorder. Like the first series, these figurines will be packaged in small capsules and available in gum-ball type dispenser machines at specialty shops.

We have just received the answers to our April Q&A session with Playmates Toys based on the questions you voted on. Some of the topics addressed include a necessary increase of variants next year, the 300th episode set cancellation, and episode-themed playsets. Check them out in our SCS Magazine!

UPDATE (5/8): The server has been moved. Please be patient while the rest of the world catches up with our new IP address.

The site will be down Thursday evening (from 10PM CST) possibly through Friday while the server is being moved to a new location and reconfigured for new IP addresses.

300th Episode Set Cancelled

The rumors are true- the 300th Episode Gift Set (based on Bart's Loft from that episode) has been cancelled. We have received confirmation from Playmates of this. We won't have specific info until we get our 10 Questions responses back, but it was likely due to poor interest from retailers.

MWC Tackles the Rereleases

Michael Crawford has gotten his mitts on the two rereleases that came out with wave 12 and you can find his review on Michael's Review of the Week. Has Playmates improved upon the previous versions of Burns and Moe? Read his review to find out. (If the review is not on the front page make sure to check out the Cartoon Reviews archive for the date 5/4/03.)

Tonight at 8PM/7C, Stacy Keach guest voices as the owner of the Duff Brewing Company, which names Santa's Little Helper as its new spokesdog, resulting in SLH's original owner (from the first X-Mas Special) to come back and claim that he still owns the dog. Followed by a rerun of "I'm Spelling as Fast as I Can" at 8:30PM.

Lisuey the Rocket Pilot and Magina, Her Spunky Sidekick

UPDATE: New Lisa and Maggie casting mold images added.

Playmates Toys and Michael Crawford have sent us brand-new photos of clay models for the "Retro" (Tracy Ullman era) Lisa and Maggie figures' heads. Our First Look magazine article has been updated to include them.

MORE NEWS: First...23..Last

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