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Worst Magazine Article Ever!

Just added is a Playset Art Exclusive Look: Comic Book Shop, the fourth in our continuing series of behind-the scenes features on the development of WoS playsets. Also still up is our look at Krustylu Studios. Thanks again to Chris Lauria and Playmates Toys. Check out this and other articles in our SCS Magazine.

Entertainment Earth has listed a new trivia game from the people at University Games called "Battle of the Sexes: Simpsons Edition". The object of the game is to test your knowledge of the opposite sexes of Springfield through a series of gender-based trivia questions. The estimated date of release in June 2003.

Tonight at 8PM/7C, Season 14 concludes with two new episodes. First, in "Bart of War ", Cowboys and Indians take on a whole new meaning when Bart and Milhouse join rival after-school clubs, 'Pre-Teen Braves' and 'Cavalry Kids'. Next, in "Moe Baby Blues", when Moe saves Maggie, he becomes her new babysitter, but the Simpsons aren't ready for a kindler, gentler Moe, especially when Maggie gets involved in Fat Tony's latest mob war.

Extra! Extra! Be-Sharps Set A Go!

Our Playmates liaison, Michael Crawford, informs us that the Be-Sharps Playset is officially a go, slated to be a TRU exclusive late in the summer. In very cool news, the set will have four pegs instead of three so that all the Be-Sharps can go on it. The set also features the "Baby on Board" song so you can recreate your Be-Sharp concert! Woo-hoo!

Simpsons Screamers In Stores Soon

Michael Crawford and Playmates Toys have sent over the final packaged image of the Simpsons Screamers toys, which will be hitting Target stores very soon retailing for $7.99. They are 7" tall and when you shake or set them down on a hard surface they scream out 5 to 8 funny phrases from the show.

Playset Control Art Feature: A First Look

The SCS presents a Playset Art Exclusive Look: Simpsons Living Room, the first in a new series of looks at the pre-production art of the WoS line thanks to Chris Lauria, who does most of the playset art for Playmates. Also up is a Look At Krustylu Studios, Town Hall, and Moe's Tavern. Check it out now in our SCS Magazine!

Fellow collector John K. sent us a link to his site, Springfield Presents: Playset Playtime, which features humorous setups with the World of Springfield playsets. The photos are really creative and capture the fun of these toys. If you have a website dedicated to your Simpsons collection, let us know. We'd love to see your stuff!

Season 3 DVD Pushed Up?

After many delays, there is a possibility that the release date of the Season 3 DVD set may be pushed up to July 30. This info comes from the fact that has that listed as the new date. We'll keep you updated as more info on the set's status comes in. Thanks to The Simpsons Channel for the heads up.

Have A Dufftastic Christmas!

Good news for collectors of the Hamilton statues- the third issue of the The Simpsons Christmas Express series, featuring Moe and Barney riding a keg of Duff, is starting to arrive. The second train (featuring Marge, Maggie, and Grampa) arrived last month. More info on the set and ordering info can be found on

Be-Sharp Skinner Orders Processing

Orders for Be-Sharp Skinner are starting to be processed, according to the mail-away rebate inquiry site. Please note again that you need to send in the Proof of Purchases (with the Be-Sharp Skinner photo) on the bottom of the card insert for the offer and not the UPCs as was the case with the still-active Homer and Apu offers. The Skinners should start shipping in a few weeks.

MORE NEWS: First...23..Last

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