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Hot Off The Presses, Comic Con Update #3

If you still need some convincing that this year's Comic Con International (also known as San Diego Comic Con) is going to have more Simpsons fun than you can shake your bongo at, here comes the third issue of "Comic Con Update". The front cover features an image of Bart riding his skateboard and the back cover features the Bongo Comics 10th Anniversary logo.

Available for free from many comic book shops while supplies last. Thanks to BleedingGumsMay from Essential Comics for the info!

Box Social, Anyone?

All members and fans are invited to attend a box social, er, I mean the first annual SCS National Meeting which will be held in conjunction with the San Diego Comic Con 2003.

For more info, please read our magazine article.

RSVP poll has been closed. Please email us with any late RSVPs or if you will not be attending.

Be-Sharp Apu Shipping On-Hold

Those who are still waiting for their Be-Sharp Apu figures to arrive must be patient for a little while longer. Playmates customer service is informing customers that "The figure is now on back order and will not be shipping to the fulfillment house for at least another 6-8 weeks. That is when the product is due in and will start shipping around then. I want to thank you for your patience in this matter." We hope this answers some questions on that.

Season 3 DVD Still Set For August Release

Someone at must be saying D'oh! right now. According to, the July 29th release date they list for the Season 3 DVD set is wrong and FOX is still going with the previously announced release date of August 26th.

UPDATE : Amazon has now corrected their release date to August 26th

Aaagh! He's Got A Board With A Nail In It!

With thanks to Chris Lauria and Playmates Toys, we are bringing you a Playset Art Exclusive Look: Alien Spaceship, the fifth in our continuing series of behind-the scenes features on the development of WoS playsets. Check out this and the four previous installments in the SCS Magazine.

WWA Hosts Simpsons Animation Art Happy Hour

The Wonderful World of Animation hosts a Simpsons animation art "Happy Hour" this Friday, May 30 in Los Angeles. Simpsons director Pete Michels will present a live animation demonstration: show and tell and artwork from Season 5 will debut for sale.... read more

Be-Sharps U.K. Tour Continues...

As with the two previous mail-aways, Be-Sharp Skinner has landed on English shores first, thanks to U.K. retailer Forbidden Planet (the sole distributor of these overseas). Thanks to SCS member HiEverybody for the heads up and for the images. U.S. collectors shouldn't worry, though. Playmates' mail-away status site states that they'll be shipping soon here.

As you know, Playmates will be releasing three Diorama Two-Packs this July as part of their WoS rerelease plans. In addition, the new issue of Tomart's Action Figure Digest reveals that Target will also have an exclusive Burns/Smithers set with a Nuclear Power Plant diorama. We first learned of this at Toy Fair, but this is the first time it's been officially announced. There are no images of the set yet or info on what will be changed on Burns and Smithers, but stay tuned to SCS for updates as they come in.

Sideshow's Simpsons Busts Are Exxccellent...

Sideshow Toy has released a new promotional image of their upcoming Mr. Burns collectible polystone bust. C. Montgomery will be released with Moe in Series 2, due out in September. The first series (featuring Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa) is due out in July/August. Future series include Apu, Comic Book Guy, Krusty the Klown, Sideshow Bob, Chief Wiggum, and Ned Flanders.

The SCS presents another in a series of interviews with our members, this time it's 20 Questions with Ketriana. Make sure you check out the SCS Magazine for more of our 20 Questions Interviews. If you're interested in participating in 20 questions, be sure to check out our Message Board for more information.

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