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It's been six months since the Season 11 DVD came out, and fans have been wondering when they can expect the next set. Part of the mystery seems to have been solved as seems to have an early look at the box art (featuring Comic Book Guy). No release date has been announced, however.

The U.S. Post Office recently announced that, for the first time ever, Simpsons stamps would available later this year. "44-cent first-class mail stamps, designed by Simpsons creator and executive producer Matt Groening, will feature Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson" to "help celebrate the longest-running primetime comedy's 20th anniversary this year." The stamps have now been revealed in a special Simpsons online stamp store, though they won't be available for sale until May 7 (you can preorder now).

At this store, you can buy a regular book of stamps, matted giclee prints of each character, framed art of the whole family together, stamped postal cards, and other items. There is also a sweepstakes you can enter. Stamp collectors and Simpsons geeks united at last!

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