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McFarlane Reveals Couch Gag Packaged Images

McFarlane's second boxed set- The Family Couch Gag- is due out in a couple months. They have now posted pictures of the set in package on their message board. The packaging looks very eye-catching, with lots of images showing the different poses that be created. You can rearrange the magnetic figures on the set in a variety of poses and configurations. The set comes with Simpson-themed accessories including a Duff beer can and Porko Bits. Thanks to SCS member Johnny LaRue for the heads up.

Captain Toy Goes To Hell...

...In toy form, that is. The new McFarlane 'Ironic Punishment' is hitting all over (now at Toys R Us and other locations) and our own Michael Crawford examines it on his Review of the Week website. Michael looks at the pros (creative action feature) and cons (mixed sculpting issues) of the set. The new line is definitely creating buzz we haven't seen since WoS ended (check out our forum topic on Series 1 where SCSers put together the manimal clues from the lineup) and we look forward to more. If it's not on the front page, check out his archives for the review.

First things first: The Ironic Punishment set is starting to hit stores. It's been spotted in comic shops and a few other places. Mass retailers like Toys R Us should have it soon. Also, in their 2006 Releases Schedule Update, McFarlane has announced the lineup for the first series in their main figure line for The Simpsons, set for a September release. Their site says:

  • Dr. Hibbert, Mr. Burns & Comic Book Guy
  • Homer & Marge
  • Bart, Lisa & Maggie
  • Flanders & Squeaky-voiced Teen
  • Snake & Otto
  • Disco Stu & Krusty

This is all the information we have at this time. Not much is known about their plans for these figures- scale, possible themes, or how certain characters ended up paired together. We are sure to get info (and images) in the coming months. Thanks to JasonSly for the heads up.

UPDATE: Entertainment Earth has a preorder for Series 1 with the description "Includes 6 individually packaged action figures based on the 'Treehouse of Horrors' series of episodes". We don't know if this is old info or the above-mentioned characters will appear in THOH incarnations. Let the speculation begin.

SCS staffer blueduck37 obtained an early copy of McFarlane Toys' new Ironic Punishment set and has given it a thorough going over. You can read his review in our McFarlane Simpsons forum on our boards. It's a really fun Simpsons collectible, hopefully the start of a long line of Simpsacrap. There are some issues with the sculpting on Homer, though that seems an after-effect of the donut-feeding mechanism. A short video of that mechanism in action can be viewed on, courtesy of blueduck37. Our own Michael Crawford also spoke with McFarlane, who have confirmed the set is on its way to stores and should be showing up in the next week or two.

The long-awaited 'Simpsons' movie has finally been a given a solid release date- July 27, 2007. The film will be animated and the plot is not known at this time. A teaser trailer showed this weekend with 'Ice Age 2'. According to an AP report, "The clip features a deep-voiced announcer booming 'Leaping his way onto the silver screen, the greatest hero in American history!' as a large S appears on the screen. It then cuts to Homer Simpson sitting on his couch in his underwear. When Homer hears the narrator say the movie will open July 27, 2007, he says, 'Uh, uh, we better get started."' The short teaser is expected to air with tonight's episode of the show.

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