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WoS Update: THOH 5 And Rerelease News

Ok, we have good news and bad news. Bad news first: Playmates and TRU have decided to cancel the planned Treehouse of Horror 5 exclusive. No official reason was given, but we imagine it was due to collector disatisfaction with the House of Pain/Manimal design. In better news, Playmates plans to finish out the line by rereleasing early figures (as they did with their Ninja Turtles line), exclusively with TRU. The currently planned figures for re-release are: Bart, Homer, Lisa, Grampa, Smithers, Lenny, Otto, Wiggum, Krusty, Mr. Burns, Barney, Ned, Moe, Nelson and Milhouse. They will be packed in their original packaging, and include their voice chips. Stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks.

UK Rereleases Coming Soon!

As we first reported last month, some popular WoS figures are being rereleased exclusively in the UK in a new format. They are: Donuthead Homer, The Collector, and Stephen Hawking. Forbidden Planet has these available for preorder now, with some new info. The figures will be individually carded, with voice chips. They may do more rereleases, if there is a demand.

UPDATE: We appear to be back up... may be on and off for a day or so, though.

Those of you who use our super-geektastic message board (or other ezboards) may have noticed that it's not up today. This is due to scheduled maintenance, as EZBoard is moving to a new facility this week. They promise this move will bring improved features. The network should be back up soon, so keep checking back.

According to Diamond Comics' weekly shipping list, the following Simpsons items have shipped this week to comic stores and other retailers who ordered them:

Bart Simpson Comics #17

Thanks to Adam from for the info.

Where's My Spy Camera?!!

Target stores all over the country are selling a Simpsons-themed disposable camera, perfect for taking embarrassing pictures of your father with Princess Kashmir. They are already on clearance from anywhere from $3 to $5 (vary by store). If you don't live near a Target, ecamerafilms has it online. Thanks to member kermy812 for the heads up.

MWC Has A New Wink-Wink At You-Know-Where

Michael Crawford cried when reviewing the final WoS mailaway on his Review of the Week website. He won't admit it, but he did. But luckily for all of us, Lenny himself is nothing to cry about. He's actually an excellent figure, capping off a great set of variants. Customizers, better start working on that Carl figure. If the review isn't on the front page, check out the Cartoon Reviews archive.

Series 16 Delayed? D'oh!

Many collectors have received an email from EBGames stating the the Town Square set was delayed until August. That does appear to be the case, unfortunately. Rick from New Force Comics informs us that, due to production issues, the Series 16 figures are delayed until mid/late June and the Town Square set until mid August. This series will be the last for WoS.

According to Diamond Comics' weekly shipping list, the following Simpsons items have shipped this week to comic stores and other retailers who ordered them:


Thanks to Adam from for the info.

Stonecutter Lenny Arrives!

UPDATE: He's out! This eBay auction has a pic.

Jonesing for new WoS? Then keep an eye out on the mailbox. Stonecutter Lenny has begun shipping, according to Playmates' mail-away rebate site. If you still need to order him, you can do so with four Series 15 picture proof of purchases.

Treehouse of Horror 5 Revealed!

What a scoop! The THOH 5 lineup has been revealed as the House of Pain from the "The Island of Dr. Hibbert" part in Treehouse of Horror XIII. The planned manimals' characters are Homer as the walrus, Lisa as the bird, Bart as the spider, Maggie as the anteater, Marge as the cat. Discuss this set and suggest accessories in our forums. Thanks to Playmates for the image and info.

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