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Eye On eBay: Save Blinky Bart

The mysterious Save Blinky Bart, a mailaway from the old Mattel line, has shown up on eBay again via seller codename7. His auction listing gives more insight into its history stating it "was part of a promotion from Child World/Children's Palace toy stores before the company went out of business" and may never have been released commercially. Not much has been known about the figure.

The Way They Was

We've just recieved first look pictures of the Tracy Ullman era Homer, Marge and Bart figures which are set for release as part of an online exclusive Toys 'R Us playset later this year. For more info on the set, check out our release guide entry. Thanks to Michael Crawford MWC and Playmates Toys for the scoop.

The delays in the releases of the Simpsons DVDs have been a heavily discussed topic. Now a possible reason for the delay has been cited in a review at It says that Mike Reiss recently stated in a lecture that the DVDs were taking so long because the company that was being used to transfer the episodes to DVD had been changed in order to improve quality. Hopefully the releases should now speed up along with better picture quality. Thanks to SCS member "Technocratic Manipulator" for the info.

Call MWC, That Name Again Is MWC...

The Series 12 figures are popping up all over and they are subject of the latest review on Michael Crawford's review site tonight. He addresses the much-discussed scale issue with Database and other aspects of the series. As always, the review features many detailed photos. (If the review is not on the front page make sure to check the Cartoon Reviews archive for the date 4/23/03).

For many Mint on Card (MOC) collectors, Playmates' mail-away offers have been frustrating. The question is how to remove the necessary proof-of-purchase (POP) while causing minimal damage to the figure's card. SCS member NoBentWookies has figured out a good solution for the MOCers, which we lay out in the newest SCS magazine article. Check it out!

Treehouse Update: Now At Toys R Us and EBs

According to information posted in the Series 12 sightings thread, the Bart's Treehouse environment is now showing up at Toys R Us locations in the Midwest. It is also showing up at some Electronics Boutique locations and is now shipping from It should be available in all areas soon.

Season 3 DVD Specs Breakdown has posted an article with some more detailed info on the Season 3 DVD. The article lists a disc-by-disc breakdown of the special features, which we have listed in our Release Guide entry. They also state it will have a suggested retail price of $49.98. It seems the August 26th release date is pretty much set in stone at this point.

Lobo! Lobo! Bring Back Sheriff Lobo!

New Force Comics has preorders up for the Future Burns set, a New Force/EB shared exclusive due in October. They are setting up (which should go live soon) specifically for this set, but for now you can order it from the main Simpsons section. Their cost is $23.99 and tiered pricing discounts on shipping are available as usual.

Series 12 Update: Now At EB And Target!

UPDATE (4/18): Staff member Ham Salad reports finding Series 12 figures at a California Target. Continue to check the Sightings thread for updates.

SCS members inform us that the Series 12 figures and the Treehouse set are now showing up at Electronics Boutiques all across the country. They are priced $5.99 each and $19.99, respectively. The store cases don't seem to have the rereleases so far, but 'JohnnyLob' reports that the EB website does have the Moe and Mr. Burns with a limit of 2 per person on each.

Hit Me With Your Test Shot!

Michael Crawford and Playmates Toys have sent us images of unpainted Series 13 test shots in Series 12 packaging. They have been added to our Release Guide entry for the Series 13 figures. The accessories included with the test shots should be the accessories we will see with the final production figures.

MORE NEWS: First...23..Last

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