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Update (4/5): We have reports of the set arriving today from preorder customers BobUK, Sideshow James, phalen180 and sternroolz in Southern California. has begun shipping preorders of the Colonel Homer & Lurleen Lumpkin with Mobile Home playset. They are expected to begin arriving on April 8th. There is still no word from our contacts at TRU about when the set will arrive in distribution centers and it is no longer listed as in-stock on Amazon.

There's no Butterfinger Group!

The Pin Pals are back... in lunchbox form. The popular Springfield bowling champs are back in the newest Simpsons lunchbox from NECA. The embossed lunchbox includes a thermos and has a listed price of $20.99. It is due out at about the same time as the Itchy & Scratchy lunchbox. This is currently being solicited in the April issue of the Diamond Comics Previews catalog.

Can't Sleep... Clown'll Eat Me!

Curl up with your Evil Krusty Doll and one of two brand new bedspreads on the way straight from Springfield (in July, 2002) via the Diamond Comics Previews catalog. For more information check out the release guide entries for: Faces and Fission Hole Bedspreads. Thanks to jgprather of Grant's Toys for the image.

Don't Cash it 'Til the Year 10,000

Designer Checks has a new series of Simpsons checks available featuring four designs: Homer, Marge & Maggie, Bart and Lisa. They also have a very nice Simpsons checkbook cover available for $17.95.

New customers can take advantage of an introductory offer which significantly reduces the price of the checks.

Playmates Interactive Entertainment Limited, better known as Playmates Toys in the US, released it's annual financial report on March 21, 2002. You can view the report online if you are interested in more details.... read more

Rick from New Force Comics informs us that the Elementary Schoolbus has been confirmed by his Playmates rep, which means we should see release this year with no snags. Woohoo!

Gabbin' About Krustofski has posted a photo of the cancelled Rabbi Krustofski figure, which was set to be released with the All Star Voices Series 2. Thanks to SCS Deputy JBugle for the heads up.

You may enjoy a peek "Behind the Screens" in our new Magazine article - Updating the Phrase Database.

We've just added a section to the Update Profile page (members only) which allows you to customize your view of the main page. Choose to see a plethora of upcoming release pics and whether to see five, ten or fifteen news items.

DVD Angle reported on Thursday that there may be another delay in release of the Season Two DVD Set. They report August 6, 2002 as the expected release date.

MORE NEWS: First...2345..Last

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