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In the latest email from New Force Comics, Rick confirms that Playmates and Diamond Comics are proceeding with the second series of Blocko figures. It is uncertain whether Toys R Us will have another boxed set of this series. Here is the complete email, including info on more Wave 8 availability.... read more (a division of KB Toys) has the Simpsons Trivia Tin II and Simpsons Trivia Tin III: Bart Trivia games on sale for $13.49. They also have the Simpsons Trivia I: Boxed Version, Homer's Head Rubik's Puzzle and the Simpsons Rubik's Magic Puzzle for $9.99 each.

Look for the Krusty Brand Seal of Approval

As reported earlier by Collecting Simpsons!, there have been numerous quality control issues with the Simpsons Blockos toys, particularly the TRU exclusive 9-pack. Member simpsonsdude sent us this photo of his 9-pack with mismatched Homer's head on Grampa's body.

Update (4/10): Member Oscilloscope informed us that this is listed as out of stock again.

The Colonel Homer & Lurleen Lumpkin Celebrity 2-Pack is now listed as in stock and available to order from

Dr. Hibbert prescribes medical marijuana for Homer after he suffers an eye injury. The band Phish guest stars as themselves. ... read more

That's Nice Work, Boys

Staffmember markwars1972 recently added a Chief Wiggum "test shot" to his collection and was kind enough to share his impressions with us.

Visit Toy Fever to enter to win a Pin Pal Moe - read the latest email newsletter from Terry Sibert... read more

Brianch1 reports the following Toys 'R Us distribution center allotments for the Mobile Home playset, as of March 18, 2002.... read more

Just a reminder that if you haven't entered the Hot Topic contest we reported on earlier that you're running out of time. All entries must be in (postmarked no later than April 10, 2002 for mail-ins) by April 14, 2002 - one entry per person.

Our World of Springfield Checklist has been improved with a summarization of the approximate value of your collection and statistics on the percentage of our users (with checklists) who own each item. Since we had to trim a little data during the update (Kitchen & Krusty Burger records), everyone should double-check their lists. As always, you must have an account and be logged in to use this feature.

MORE NEWS: First...2345..Last

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