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Julius Marx from Action Figure Times forwarded an announcement from that the Celeb. 2-Pack Mobile Home with Lurleen Lumpkin & Colonel Homer will not be available to order again in the forseeable future.... read more

SCS Member Frink shares this email he received from EB today ... read more

But I Wanted FOXY Boxing! is holding a contest (sponsored by Sci-Fi Warehouse) to give away a Boxing Homer figure to each of ten lucky European winners. Simply visit their site, register (if you haven't already) and enter the contest. Contest ends May 4, 2002 - Good luck!

Update (4/14): Rick from New Force Comics informed us that Diamond should start shipping these to their accounts on about 4/21 (as was their last estimate).

Member Super Cyberraptor reports seeing the exclusive High School Prom playset at an Electronics Boutique in Spokane, WA. These should arrive in all EB locations by the middle of next week. No word yet on when Diamond Comics will be shipping out their allotment.

Excuse Me, Where Do I Throw This?

Michael Crawford and Playmates Toys come through again with this promotional photo of the upcoming "Fast Lane" playset with Bowling Marge and Jacques, currently available for preorder from and expected to ship in July, 2002.

Hot Topic Can Make a Pin Monkey Out Of You

phalen180 reports finding the new Pin Pals bowling shirt at Hot Topic in Brea, CA. These are going to sell quickly, so start checking your local Hot Topic if you plan on purchasing it there. The other bowling shirts with Power Plant and Kwik-E-Mart designs were nowhere to be found, but they did have more of the exclusive character buttons.

Playmates Toys sent us their answers to our March questions early this morning. You can read the questions & answers in our Magazine. Thanks to staffer Michael Crawford MWC and Playmates Toys for providing the answers.

Brianch1 reports the following Toys 'R Us distribution center allotments for the Mobile Home playset, as of April 11, 2002.... read more

Playmates' line of non-Intellitronic figures based on the Bongo Comics storyline "When Bongos Collide" was first rumored last November in Lee's Action Figure News & Toy Review. This line was later confirmed by our representatives at February's Toy Fair. Recently, SCS staffer blueduck37 traded emails with Bongo Comics' own Bill Morrison and here is a summary of what he learned:... read more

Board member and moderator Michael Crawford MWC is one of many receiving the Mobile Home playsets preordered on Is this set as nice as Lurleen's attractive backside? Check out the review (located in the cartoon review section for the date 4/11/2002 if it's not on the front page) for the answer.

MORE NEWS: First...2345..Last

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