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Mark Tarses from Sunway Co sent out an update about the much-anticipated Simpsons Bowling Shirts ... read more

Update (5/1): full interview article from the Financial Times.

As many of you have reported, Reuters news service ran an article today, which appeared on many online news sites. The article details information from an interview with Matt Groening that appeared in the Financial Times today, including the quote "I think we are closer to winding it up."

According to Diamond Comics' weekly shipping list, the following Simpsons items will be shipping this Wednesday to comic stores and other retailers who ordered them... read more

Rick from NewForce sent out an update today detailing shipment of Prom Set preorders... read more

Michael Crawford reports the following juicy news bites:

  • Playmates Toys is considering offering a mail-away figure as part of a promotion for Series 10. They are currently awaiting FOX approval
  • It has been revealed that the Rabbi Krustofski figure is on hold because of Jackie Mason's concern that people may consider the religious aspects of the figure offensive.
  • Upcoming Toys 'R Us exclusives such as the THOH3 and Main Street sets will all be available through
Blowing the Snow Off Times Square

A sketch of the original design for the "Times Square" New Year's Eve playset (which was nixed by FOX) has been uncovered. Along with this interesting image, there's a whole bunch of other news (detailed in another news item). Thanks to Michael Crawford MWC for the fine detective work!

Bart creates an internet comic strip starring Homer as an "Incredible Hulk" like creature who turns green and gets bigger when he gets angry. Stan Lee guest stars as himself.

The Lastest Gun in the West (DABF07) will also be rerun at 7:00 PM (6:00 PM central), which is good news for anyone who may have missed it a few weeks back.

According to a report on Collecting Simpsons!, the repeatedly-delayed Season 2 DVD set has been confirmed for release on August 6th. The suggested retail price for this set is $49.98.

Update: New responses from Playmates on the update added.

Playmates Toys recently updated their site with the new line-up for 2002... read more

Sunway Co sent out an email update about new products today. Highlights from the email include the new Ralph with Leprechaun tshirt, Milhouse Wedgie tshirt and the arrival of Simpsons soap-on-a-rope. Full announcement... read more

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