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Simpsons Bust-Ups Series 5 Hits / Line Ending?

The 5th series of Gentle Giant Ltd's Simpsons Bust-Ups is hitting stores now. Comic shops should have them, among other collector stores. The series is love/heart-themed and features: Ralph with the "I Choo-choose You" card, Homer and Marge, Skinner and Krabapple in the janitor's closet, and Itchy ripping Scratchy's heart out. But if you're a collector, buy these now! Via SCS member hillaryk, Gentle Giant states: "At this time there are no new Simpsons Bust-Ups in development, but we greatly appreciate your excitement of this line, and it is fans like you that will drive us toward developing a new series." Not encouraging news.

This summer, to promote The Simpsons movie, a number of select 7-11 locations will be transformed into Kwik-E-Marts. The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that "the convenience store chain plans to refit 11 stores across the U.S... to resemble the front of the Kwik-E-Mart." There are over 4,700 locations, so this is a limited promotion. The article also reports that "Customers also will be able to buy products inspired by the nearly two-decades-old show, including KrustyO's cereal, Buzz Cola and iced Squishees (the cup says Squishee, but the contents will be Slurpee)." No word on whether that will be chain-wide or just the 11 select locations (hopefully the former). 7-11 had previously done Simpsons-themed promotions in the summer of 2000 (for the Global Fanfest) and the summer of 1995 (for the "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" mystery).

Two weeks ago, McFarlane Toys revealed the first five images from their lineup of figures based on The Simpsons Movie, due out in July. Now they have revealed small teaser images of the final three: "Presidential Politics" (featuring Itchy and Scratchy), "What Are You Looking At?" (featuring Bart, Ned, and 'top secret' character from the film), and "Doodle Double Dare," (in which a motorized Bart circles around Sherri and Terri). They also have an online feature with detailed looks at Series 1, which is hitting stores now.

McFarlane Series 1 Shipping; Captain Toy Reviews

The first official series of McFarlane Toys' Simpsons line is just beginning to ship now (it should be in stores in the coming weeks). Michael Crawford received his set of the figures-- minus the Itchy & Scratchy boxed set-- and reviews them on his Review of the Week website (review dated 3/12/07 if not on the main page). The general concensus seems to be, to paraphrase Principal Skinner's army song, 'Looks real good, but needs improvement'. Typical of a McFarlane release, there are some paint issues and some complaints of fragile pieces.

McFarlane Toys has posted official prototype images of their movie figure assortment. From their site: "McFarlane's The Simpsons Movie action figures will include sound chips with dialogue taken directly from the film's soundtrack and the detail and accuracy that have made us famous around the world." They are due in stores in July.

The lineup includes:... read more

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