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Can't Get Enough Of That Wonderful Duff

One item we featured in our Toy Fair coverage was Kidz Kraze's large inflatable Duff beer can. It is a little over 3 feet tall and a little less than 2 feet in circumference when inflated. SCS VIP "JGP Toys" writes in to tell us that he is offering this item for sale. He has no longer has an online store, but asks collectors to contact him by email if they are interested. He is asking $22, including Priority Mail shipping. He also sent this image for scale comparison. Mmmm, Duff.

Info is trickling out slowly on McFarlane's upcoming Simpsons line. Now, UndergroundOnline has a new interview with Todd McFarlane about his TV role, comic books, and yes, the Simpsons figures. He states that the line will "be true to what it is people see on the screen. I've got a few aesthetic tricks up my sleeve which will make them different, but Bart is still Bart.". He further states "At some point I hope we have a Simpsons line, and then a whole Itchy and Scratchy line. You can do all the disgusting crazy chopped up and gutted Itchy and Scratchy stuff. We can have fun and be macabre at the same time with that, while the Simpsons stuff will be just capturing some of the golden moments from the show." Given McFarlane's schedule for these sort of things, we should see prototypes around June/July. Thanks to Seth for the heads up.

THOH Comes Early For Monopoly Fans

As we reported last year, USAopoly is releasing a THOH version of their Simpsons Monopoly game. Locations include Springfield Cemetary and Mr. Burns' Secret Laboratory. Includes six collectible Glow-In-The-Dark tokens and an offer inside to collect four additional tokens. This should be out this July. Also, this eBay preorder confirms the tokens as Alien Maggie, Fly Bart, Donut-Head Homer, The Collector, Werewolf Ned, and Dracula Burns. The mail-away tokens are Witch Marge, Owl Lisa, and Tractor Willie, and "Joined Twins" (Bart and Hugo?). Thanks to Johnny LaRue for the heads up.

The second issue of the Simpsons/Futurama Crossover II story will be hitting comic shops all over this Wednesday (the 23rd). The first issue came out in January. Also, SCS member Number 908 informs us that on the schedule for next year is the "Crossover" trade paperback which will include both parts to both "Crossover" stories, Simpsons Comics #87 (the Hail to the Cat issue) and the forthcoming Chili Chili Bang Bang story.

Deck The Halls. For $300.

Hamilton has created a spin-off product from its line of Christmas Express trains- The Christmas Express Tree. This tree measures 24" tall and features many of the cars from the Christmas Express line. It also features working lights. Hamilton is asking $299, plus shipping. It is a good deal if you haven't collected any trains so far, but otherwise might be a bit redundant. Thanks to SCS members Roxiedog and HomerMan for the info., one of the longest running Simpsons fan sites, has a new section up to showcase Simpson fans' collections. You can contact Eric W. ("NumberOne") at No Homers if interested in having your collection added. The section also has links to prominent collector sites, including yours truly.

For those who'd forgotten all about them, the next Simpsons episode guide book (entitled "One Step Beyond Forever") is due for release this year. These books have proven to be worth the wait with detailed guides and images and character profiles; we bet this one will be no exception. It will contain seasons 13 and 14 and is planned for an October release. It is also mentioned on Jesse McCann's site that a guide for season 15 and 16 is in the works for a later release. Amazon currently has a preorder up for One Step Beyond Forever, though no cover art is available yet.

The Waiting Game Sucks. Let's Play Hungry Hungry Homer!

Homer would be proud to know that one of his favorite games, Hungry Hungry Hippos, has been remade in his own image. Sort of. In this game ("Hungry Homer"), Homer stands guard over his beloved donuts and you have to try and snatch them away. If you take too many and anger Homer, he will lash out and send the donuts flying! This game is available by Winning Moves, though it appears to be only in the UK. Thanks to kermy812 for the info.

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