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Season 4 DVD Extras Listing! Woohoo!

We have been keeping you up to date with the latest happenings on the Season Four DVD set and the good news keeps on coming. We now have a detailed listing of the planned bonus features for the set. Hopefully, all of these features will make it to the final set... read more

Time for more 20 Questions, this time with Lance Uppercut and ShelbyvillePrezkot. If you would like to take part, please see our message board for more details.

Those who have been keeping up in our WoS discussion forum have heard the latest news on WoS we have from Playmates: Series 16 and the Town Square set are indeed the final WoS product, except for a possible THOH 5 set this Fall. The results for the 'Save Maude' poll were very positive (and we thank you all for supporting it), but unfortunately it was too late. Due to complicated licence issues beyond their control, Playmates will not be able to do any more new sculpts at all. This is likely upsetting to all WoS collectors, but the WoS line had an amazing run (one of the best of all time, in our humble opinion) and we want to thank Playmates Toys for the toys and the memories. Stay tuned to SCS in the coming months for the latest news and Series 16 sightings.

The fifth and final THOH set is (tentatively) coming to TRU this Fall, but the SCS and the powers that be at Playmates need your help in deciding how the set should be done! We have set up an important poll, in which collectors get to vote between the two planned lineups. Please read the poll and instructions clearly. THOH 5 is going to a memorable set for sure and not just because it would be the last WoS set in the line (Series 16 is the last official series). Thanks for your votes. Viva la WoS!

Series 15 Still Available...

For those who have difficulty finding Series 15 in stores and need to catch up, there are still some options. Many TRU stores still have them on shelves and also has back in stock their Series 15 bundle and the Power Plant Lunch Room set. Thanks to member PDCougar for the heads up.

Season 4 DVD Cover Art Revealed

We posted earlier this month about the official press release for the Season 4 DVD set. Now TVShowsOnDVD has the scoop again with a look at the cover art. This is the first cover to features characters in addition to the Simpsons family. The set is due for release on June 15 (that date seems very set in stone at this point). Thanks to again for the image and info.

Time for more 20 Questions, this time with Calxz1885 and KampKrustyBrant. If you would like to take part, please see our message board for more details.

Up And At Them!

Shipping to comic shops this Wednesday is an interesting piece, "Radioactive Man: The Official Movie Adaptation"! This Bongo Comics one-shot was written to read like a comic book adaptation of the movie starring Rainier Wolfcastle and Milhouse. Sounds geektastic to us! Thanks to Adam from for the info.

A Noble Preorder Embiggens The Smallest Man

Online preorders for Series 16 (which will sadly be the last series for our beloved WoS) are doing very well as collectors learn of the line's end and have seen decreased brick-and-mortar distribution of the figures. EB has recently put up the series for sale: Agnes Skinner, Benjamin and Gary, Doug, Brain Freeze Bart, Devil Homer, Artie Ziff, and the Town Square set. Thanks to "Jonnylob" for the info.

But, We Don't Want To Play Friendly!

It's not as good as the previous sale price, but currently has last year's exclusive Tracy Ullman "Flashback" set on sale again, this time for $24.99 with free shipping. This is a great deal for those who still need the set. No word on how long this free shipping offer will be in place. Thanks to SCS member mauicoon for the heads up.

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