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Season 3 DVD Not Until July? D'oh!

The May release date announced by FOX for the Season 3 DVD set seemed too good to be true and it probably was. reports that the release date is now in early July. In other news, Matt Groening has confirmed that the commentaries and other bonus features are the reason for the delays.... read more

MWC's Reviews Now Available In Bendable Form

In his latest Simpsons review, Michael Crawford looks at the new series of bendable figures by the NJ Croce company. Themed to the Nuclear Power Plant, it consists of Homer, Lenny, Carl, Mr. Burns, and Smithers (with a bonus Blinky available in the box set). It's in stores like Suncoast, Media Play, and Spencers Gifts now. If the review is not on the front page make sure to check the Cartoon Reviews archive for the date 3/17/03.

Tonight at 8PM/7C, Homer lets a success seminar get to his head - the head of the power plant, that is, when Homer takes over from Burns. Preceding this, at 7PM, is a rerun of "Large Marge".

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Extra! Extra! Be-Sharp Review on Rooftop!

Okay, it's not so much a rooftop as it is Michael's Review(s) of the Week website. Tonight, Mr. Crawford takes a detailed look at Apu, the latest of the Be-Sharp mail-away series. Mr. de Beaumarchais gets two thumbs up from the Captain and we recommend that you proscratinate no further with this offer. Mail away today! If the review is not on the front page make sure to check the Cartoon Reviews archive for the date 3/12/03.

Two 'Faces' For The Price Of One

A few collectors have reported that their local Electronics Boutique stores, from Southern California to Miami, have a 'Buy One, Get One Free' sale on the Faces of Springfield figures and the KBBL Studios set. This may or may not be a chain-wide sale and will likely vary by area.

Be-Sharp Apu Arrives In U.S.

Be-Sharp Apu is on his way across the U.S. at last. SCS member Dewback Dave reports receiving his in Sacramento, CA and the figure should be in many more mailboxes today. Use the Rebate Inquiry site set up by Playmates to check the status of your mail-away order. This figure is still available via the order form in WoS Series 11 figures and by sending in the required UPCs and a $5 shipping fee.

Tonight at 8PM/7C, what starts out as a complaint that Springfield Airport's flight path goes right over the Simpson house ends with Krusty being elected to the U.S. Congress...but he soon starts to toe the Conservative line. Preceding this, at 7PM, is a rerun of "Helter Shelter".

How Long Does It Take to Irradiate a Fish?

The Squishy Blinky toy from Dark Horse Comics has been delayed yet again, this time they are saying that it will be released in May. Thanks to JGPGrather of JGP Toys for the info.

Wizards Of The Coast Game Vanishes?

The highly-anticipated Simpsons trading card game by Wizards of the Coast (WOTC) appears to be in limbo. Customer service reps for WOTC are not giving any date for the set's release. Many collectors have also had internet preorders for the set cancelled, a definite indication that this product is on hold or cancelled all together. D'oh! We hope to have updates soon.

MORE NEWS: First...2..Last

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