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Tonight at 8PM/7C, Eric Idle guest voices as a documentary filmmaker who thinks Lisa is too broad-minded, so she focuses on astronomy, which is hard to do when the city lights are too bright to see any stars...but they only get brighter when Mayor Quimby overreacts to the resulting crime wave after dimming them in the first place.

Hot Stuff, Coming Through!

Hamilton's newest collection of Simpsons sculptures celebrates the Simpsons "nuclear" family in its entirety for the first time. The first issue is "Gang Way, Man!" (Bart) followed by the second, "Happy Homer-Maker" (Marge). Subsequent issues will be Lisa, Grampa, and Homer. Each issue in the collection costs $19.95 plus $4.99 shipping and handling.

It's me, sir: Bobo!  Hug me!  Squeeze me! Tug at my fur...

Michael Crawford and Playmates Toys have sent over prototypes images of the 'Future Burns' set, set to be a limited edition shared exclusive between New Force Comics and Electronics Boutique. Rick from New Force said his site will be offering preorders in the next week or two. He has also sent more info in his latest newsletter:... read more

Sources inform us that Fox and Playmates have recently extended their licensing agreement into 2004-2006. This bodes very well for the future of the World of Springfield line. We will be holding voting for our next set of 10 Questions for Playmates in a few days and that Q&A session should yield more interesting info on the WoS line.

Hopefully Cheers,  Not Jeers,  For These Celebs

It's always nice to see the World of Springfield line getting some mainstream press attention. In the Toy Chest section of next week's issue of TV Guide, there are pictures and info on the upcoming Stephen Hawking (Series 13) and Ms. Botz (Series 14) celebrity figures. Mmmm... publicity. Thanks to SCS member "Blinky" for the scan.

Many of our members will be attending the San Diego Comic Convention in July of this year. We're thinking of having a meeting event at one of the nearby hotels, but we need to figure out how many of you might be there and when to hold the event, so we've created a little questionnaire. Visit the Web Polls area to fill it out. Thanks, and see you at SDCC!

According to Diamond Comics' weekly shipping list, the following Simpsons items will be shipping this Wednesday to comic stores and other retailers who ordered them:

Thanks a bundle, Amazon!

Collectors looking for a site to buy the upcoming shortpacked Moe and Mr. Burns rerelease figures can look no further. is offering a Series 12 bundle for $47.99. This bundle is guaranteed to include all six Series 12 figures and the two rereleases. It is possible that Amazon might be selling the two rereleases individually at some point well, but no word on that yet.

That Figure Again Is Mr. Plow

Michael Crawford MWC and Playmates Toys have sent in first-look pictures of Series 12 in the packaging. Check out our Magazine article to see the new pics!

20 Questions is back with another inside look at one of our valued members. This time around it's 20 Questions with NoBentWookies. Keeping those wookies MOMC is tough work. Be sure to check out our SCS Magazine for all of our past 20 questions interviews.

MORE NEWS: 12..Last

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