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First Look At McFarlane's Simpsons Movie Toys

McFarlane Toys recently announced that they will doing a number of toys this summer based on the Simpsons movie, as part of their 2007 lineup. No exact figures/dioramas are known, just that movie products are planned. Now we have a first look at one movie toy, courtesy of a flyer that McFarlane Toys handed out at this past weekend's NY Comic Con (see image to the left). It's Homer and Marge at a theatre, in what we assume is a scene from the film. The latest trailer for the film can be viewed at Apple's website. Release date is July 27.

McFarlane Toys has posted information which clarifies their 2007 Simpsons lineup (a number of products had been switched around). There will be two regular series of figures and boxed sets, plus additional products to coincide with the release of the Simpsons movie. Without further ado, here's the 2007 Simpsons lineup:... read more

Just an update to our Toy Fair coverage from last week... Funko handed out a catalog which shows their bobblehead offerings for the year. In addition to the bobbleheads they had on display on the show, the catalog shows prototypes of four upcoming items. They are: Tiki Homer, Chief Wiggum, Barney, and Krusty the Klown. They are expected out in June.

Toy Fair 2007: Coverage Now Up

Even with the release of the Simpsons movie this summer, there still wasn't as much Simpsacrap on display at Toy Fair as 4-5 years ago. Still, there is a lot of cool stuff coming your way in 2007. SCS administrator blueduck37 has coverage highlighting the best of the bunch. From McFarlane's figures and dioramas to Funko bobbleheads to the U.S. of a popular overseas line, there's plenty of reason for your wallet to hurt. See the SCS Magazine for details and images.

McFarlane Series 1 Packaged Images Revealed

McFarlane Toys has already released two items in their Simpsons line-- the Ironic Punishment box set and the Family couch gag set-- and is now releasing the official first series of that line next month. That series consists of four figures/dioramas ('Simple Simpson', 'Why You... Homer and Bart', 'Kamp Krusty' and 'Marge and Homer in the Belly of the Boss') and one playset ('Itchy & Scratchy: Spay Anything'). Toy News International has packaged pictures up of the latter. Packaging mockups of the main assortment can be viewed in our forums. Thanks to RedTheTrucker, jellostick, and supergeeky1 for the heads up.

Kang and Kodos Invade Comic Shops

NJ Croce, known for its lines of bendable figures and keychains, announced a while back that their Simpsons line was coming to an end. But their final product-- Kang and Kodos bendables-- has been delayed. That appears to be over, as SCS member michaelmidnite reports finding the set at his local comic shop in Ohio. The two figures are packaged together; he reports a price of $10. Thanks to him for the info and images.

Wikipedia-- the internet age's answer to Encyclopedia Britannica-- has long had information on everything, but not the World of Springfield line. That has now changed! SCS contributing member jbelkin800 has created an entry for the classic line, with additional help from blueduck37 and supergeeky1. Just something new to add to your bookmarks!

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