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NY Comic Con: Packaged Images Of Ironic Punishment!

This weekend is the first annual NY Comic Con in New York City. SCS staff member blueduck37 attended the event and visited the McFarlane Toys booth. They had a packaged sample of the upcoming Ironic Punishment set. You can see images in our Release Guide. The back of the package contains details and images from the episode. We also learned from McFarlane that the set will be available at all major retail stores like Toys R Us and Walmart. The set is due in stores in the next few weeks.

McFarlane Reveals Family Couch Gag Prototypes

McFarlane Toys has posted several large prototype images on their website for the Family Couch Gag box set, due out in May. We have also posted the images in our Release Guide. The description states: "Homer and Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, Santa's Little Helper and Snowball II recreate the classic episode-opening couch gag. Create your own couch gag by rearranging the magnetic figures, which can be positioned in a variety of poses and configurations. Comes with Simpson-themed accessories including a Duff beer can and Porko Bits." This is the second set they are releasing. The first, the Ironic Punishment set, is tentatively due next month.

The first image (a small one) for McFarlane's Couch Gag set, due out in May, has surfaced in the Diamond Previews catalog. This is the second set that McFarlane is releasing. SCS member allenjob79 also informs us that more detailed images will available on tomorrow evening. More box sets, as well as some themed figure series releases, will come later in the year. Thanks to SCS member lobster for the heads up.

Series 4 Bust-Ups Revealed At Toy Fair

RebelScum has their Toy Fair coverage up now, including a look at miscellanous Gentle Giant items. Included in their gallery are painted prototypes of Series 3, which had just been revealed in the new ToyFare. Rebelscum also has the first look at Series 4, which appears to be THOH-themed. Included are: Dracula Hibbert, Grim Reaper Homer, Evil Krusty Doll, and Werewolf Bart. Looks like a good lineup. Check out Rebelscum's Toy Fair coverage for the images.

SCS staffer blueduck37 spoke with NJCroce employees at Toy Fair for an update on their Simpsons bendable line. It appears earlier news that the line was winding down was correct. They are still planning on releasing the Kang and Kodos set soon, which had been delayed due to licensing issues. They also will do a 'Best of Homer and Bart' box set, rereleasing Homers and Bart from previous releases. Beyond that, nothing else is planned right now.

Funko Reveals Series 2 Bobbleheads

Series 2 of Funko's excellent line of Simpsons bobbleheads will consist of: Glow-in-the-Dark Homer, Ned Flanders, Groundskeeper Willie, and Itchy & Scratchy. This was revealed in a new production schedule advertisement. They are scheduled for an April/May release. Series 1 is in stores now and features Homer, Mr. Burns, Moe, Duffman, and Apu. Thanks to itchykorean for the info.

ToyFare Reveals Bust-Ups Series 3

The new issue of ToyFare magazine (#104- with Superman Returns on the cover) has an exclusive first look at unpainted prototypes for the third series of Gentle Giant's Simpsons bust-ups. This series is music-themed and includes: The Party Posse, Homer and the gang at Rock 'N' Roll Camp, Lisa and Bleeding Gums Murphy, and Snowball with Santa's Little Helper. You can see scans of the image in our Release Guide entry. The article lists a July release date. Series 1 came out last year. Series 2 is due out in May. Thanks to Vitamin Steve for the heads up.

New Bongo Comics Website

SCS member baloobas has unveiled his new website Planet Bongo, which is an informational site dedicated to all things Bongo. Bongo Comics feature the Simpsons, Futurama, and more.

New Force Offers McFarlane Preorders... And FREE Future Burns Set!

Rick at New Force Comics has confirmed that he will be offering the McFarlane Simpsons line. A presell on the Ironic Punishment set will be put up later this week. Their cost will be $22.99 plus shipping. In addition, customers who order this set will receive a free Future Burns set with their order. This offer will be only while supplies last, so if interested get your orders in quick. New Force has been the most reliable Simpsons action figure retailer on the internet; we cannot recommend them enough. has slashed the prices of Simpsons DVDs in half. This is for all the DVDs, Season 1-7. You can search for the Simpsons DVDs- at this link. Get 'em now while the sale lasts! Thanks to beerbaron for the heads up.

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