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Dakin is moving forward with their Simpsons plush line and they are branching out the line in a few different ways (themed sets, deluxe dolls). We have created a few polls to help them see what type of direction Simpsons collectors would like to see for this. The polls are: What Release Type?, What Scale?, and What Characters?. You can also post comments in the respective threads on what you would like to see. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Blinky Bart Saved Again

Another one of the elusive Save Blinky Barts have been uncovered. Steve S. wrote in to tell us that he acquired it years ago during the original mail-away offer. This figure was made available in that little known offer toward the end of the Mattel's series of figures back in 1990. Only a few are known to exist. If you have one, we'd like to hear about it! Let us know where you acquired it and send us some pictures. Thanks to Steve for these new pics.

Toy Fair 2005: SCS Coverage

Our coverage of Toy Fair 2005 is now up with a look at the bigger and more unique companies offering Simpsons merchandise in 2005. We have reports from Dakin (plush products), NJ Croce Co (bendable products), Rocket USA (tin products), and Kidz Kraze (inflatable products). The amount of new Simpsons product is pretty slim compared to past years, but there is still plenty of interesting Simpsacrap to look forward in '05, particulary the plush line.

Spencer's Clearances Lava Lamp

The SNPP Lava Lamp has been on clearance at Spencer's Gifts for a while and is now at a low of $29.98. This is an great deal for one of the cooler Simpsons items in the few years. This Simpsonized lava lamp by NECA is themed around the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. It includes a highly detailed base featuring Homer, Lenny, and Carl. Thanks to SCS member gregsobe for the heads up on this sale.

As the Simpsons plush line might say to us: "The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated". SCS member allenjob79 looked into the line and discovered that Dakin is continuing the line. It turns out that Russ did not buy the Applause company itself or their various licenses, only the company name. The company will still operate under the name Dakin. A customer service rep there states that they have several more Simpson plushes planned for the near future including Itchy, Scratchy, Sideshow Bob, Sideshow Mel, Bart with a Krusty Doll, and a Jumbo Krusty. Hopefully more info will be available soon.

A Charlie Horse, Of Course! Operation!

Another creative Simpsonized remake of a popular game is coming: The Simpsons "Talking Homer" Edition of Operation. Entertainment Earth currently has it for preorder, with the image seen to the left. It is due out in May. It works just like the classic Operation game. Use forceps to remove his comical ailments: Bowler's Thumb, Foot in Mouth, Rubber Neck, Trick Knee, and more. Homer speaks phrases, depending on the success of your actions. Thanks to member allenjob79 for the heads up.

The Forks!  Use The Forks! reports that FOX has announced plans to release 'Bart Wars', a "Star Wars"-themed DVD release timed for the opening of Episode III. The DVD will be released on May 17, days before the release of that film. This DVD has already been released a couple of years ago overseas. The episodes included are "Mayored To the Mob", "Dog of Death", "The Secret War of Lisa Simpson", and "Marge Not Be Proud". A bonus features rounds out the set: "The Making of Bart Wars: The Simpsons Strike Back." The cover art will be different for this new U.S. release.

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