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The Waiting Game Sucks. Let's Play The Game Of Life!

We have an addendum to our Toy Fair coverage tonight: a look at Hasbro's upcoming Simpsons version of the game of "Life". This game is really cool. It is very specific to the Simpsons, with a Nuclear Power Plant in the middle and board spots that say things like "Former President living next door says spin again". Thanks to an anonymous SCS member for these great images.

Series 15 Update: Now Hitting TRU

Previously just showing up at specialty shops, Series 15 is now starting to show up at TRU stores. SCS member sweetsweetbeer reports finding the Power Plant Lunch Room playset for $24.99 at a TRU in Santa Maria, CA. They should show up all more TRU locations in the next week or two.

UPDATE: We have confirmation of this news. We will have word from Playmates on the exact details of the last series later this week.

All good things must end. Rumors have been circulating about the future of the WoS line and now a reliable source has given us new information from inside Fox. It appears that Playmates' license with Fox to produce Simpsons merchandise will terminate at the end of this year. This will mean the end of the World of Springfield line... read more

Toy Fair 2004: Simpsons Coverage Galore

UPDATE: We have added a few new images to the Sideshow Toys article, including the Wiggum and Krusty busts. We have also added a picture of the Simpsons games on display at the Cardinal booth.

Our coverage of Toy Fair 2004 concludes tonight with a look at the many unique companies offering Simpsons merchandise in 2004. We have reports from Rocket USA, NJ Croce Co, Sideshow Toy, Basic Fun, Spin Master (makers of Mighty Beanz), and Kidz Kraze International.

Toy Fair 2004: Playmates Toys

Our coverage of Toy Fair 2004 begins tonight with a look at Playmates Toys and the World of Springfield. The planned 2004 WoS lineup was on display and we have images of what they had on display. We hope to have more information on the status of the line, planned exclusives, and more in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

New Force Comics customers still waiting on Series 15 figures and playsets have to wait just a little longer, but they're on the way. Rick posted on his site: "Product is still in customs, we hope to have release this week." Phew! Thanks to member FantasticDan for the info.

UPDATE: A new article reveals that Conan O'Brien will also do commentary.

Veteran "Simpsons" writer Mike Reiss gave an interview to, in which he confirms that they are currently working on the upcoming Season 4 DVD set. No release date is given (likely late summer again), but he does confirm Jon Lovitz will do commentary for episodes he worked on like 'A Streetcar Named Marge'. Reiss also discusses the planned "Simpsons" feature film.

This Whole Review Is Insane.  Insane, I Tell You!

Poor Grimey. He could never catch a break. However, he fared pretty well in Michael Crawford's book, as you can see at his Review of the Week site tonight. Maybe they can add "Had a ***1/2 star playset" to good ol' Grimey's tombstone. As usual, if the review isn't on the front page, check out the Cartoon Reviews archive for the date 02/09/04.

A new episode of "The Simpsons" airs tonight at 8pm EST with a similar structure to episodes "Simpsons Bible Stories" and "Tales from the Public Domain". This time, Marge gives the kids verbal anecdotes about historical figures including tales of King Henry VIII, Sacagawea’s assistance to the Lewis and Clark Expedition and a very Bart-like Mozart feuding with his sister Salieri.

Time for more of those 20 Questions, this time it's the turn of Nittany Tide and 127marlowdrive. If you would like to take part, please see our message board for more details.

MORE NEWS: First...2..Last

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