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Mmmm, carbonated beverages....

SCS member Flimpsons1 informs us of a new set of Simpsons sodas, which are exclusive to Canada. They can be found in Walmart stores in that country. The set includes 'Magnificent! Lemon Lime Soda', 'Ay Carumba! Root Beer', 'Mmm...Cola', and 'Ahh...Yes! Orange Cream Soda'. Image courtesy of eBay seller adoanair.

We have the following updates from Playmates today:

  • Stonecutter Lenny (available now with Series 15 POPs) will be the last of the mailaway figures. Stonecutter Wiggum was to be the offered figure for Series 16, but that will likely not happen now. A Stonecutter Hall set (with Stonecutter Carl) was being planned as an exclusive, but the slow sales of recent exclusives have put that on ice.
  • The fifth THOH set is still tentatively scheduled for release as usual. Playmates is currently in negotiations with TRU to make this set, but no final decision has been made yet. Details on the set will come after it gets approved. Stay tuned for that.
  • The 'bonus' mini-figures planned to start with Series 16 (see our Fall Toy Expo coverage for details on that) have been cancelled.
  • Series 16 and the Town Square set are due out in late April/early May, according to preorders.

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks and please take the Save Maude poll!

Once again, we present more 20 Questions, this time it's the turn of Moleman and TENIME_art. If you would like to take part, please see our message board for more details.

Whooahhhh, That's Good Preorder!

Just a reminder: WoS ain't over 'til it's over! Series 15 is still hitting stores all over and the next (and last) series is coming in a few months. Series 16 preorders are now up at The preorders are: Agnes Skinner, Benjamin and Gary, Doug, Brain Freeze Bart, Devil Homer, Artie Ziff, and the Town Square playset. They are due out in late April.

UPDATE: Thanks for your continued support! The current batch of votes have been sent to Playmates.

As we mentioned in a previous news item, the WoS line is scheduled to end after Series 16. The SCS staff is working with Playmates Toys and potential retailers about releasing a Maude Flanders figure, the most essential figure needed before the line ends. Michael Crawford has organized an important poll to gauge interest in this project and in other potential exclusives. Please vote honestly (and only one vote per person, please), as your choices will weigh heavily on the decisions and dishonest/skewed results could sabotage our efforts. Thanks for your support and please spread the word!

Win A Toy Fair Exclusive!

UPDATE: The contest is now closed. No more entries to be accepted.

In our Toy Fair coverage, we gave you a look at NJ Croce Co and their many Simpsons items. Like last year, the company gave away an exclusive mini bendable figure to those visiting their booth. This year it was a Bart figure and we are offering you a chance to own one! Winner will be chosen randomly.

This Week's Simpsons Items from Diamond Comics

According to Diamond Comics' weekly shipping list, the following Simpsons items are shipping this week to comic stores and other retailers who ordered them... read more

Two more Simpsons books are due for release in 2004. Another book examining the series, entitled Planet Simpson has an expected release date of September, whilst The Simpsons Holiday Humdinger is due for release in October.

American Idol judge, Simon Cowell, guest stars in a new episode of "The Simpsons" airs tonight at 8pm EST in which he plays a critical school admissions officer who lets Maggie into a gifted preschool. Lisa, feeling as though she has lost her identity as the "smart one", starts to find a new identity that people will accept and like her for. After this episode airs, be sure to catch a repeat of 'I (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot'

Once again, we present more 20 Questions, this time it's the turn of stan the man and thehippkid. If you would like to take part, please see our message board for more details.

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