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Mmm.... Plush!

Twentieth Century Fox and Applause, known for their vast assortment of plush dolls, have teamed up to bring the Simpsons into the plush world in a big way. Besides the already released Bart and Homer dolls, they have plans to extend this brand in several ways. The following is the official press release on this:... read more

Rick from New Force Comics has sent out his latest email to those on the Simpsons mailing list, with details on Series 12 preorders and more. They are also still shipping Series 11 for those still waiting. The email states:... read more

It's that time again boys and girls. The SCS proudly presents another inside look at one of our valued members. This time around it's 20 Questions with Todd Ma... we mean 20 Questions with 100tacos for 100dollars. This should serve as adequate sustenance for your reading appetite. Be sure to check out our SCS Magazine for all of our past 20 questions interviews.

New details have surfaced on the 300th Episode gift set (not due out until August) in the newest issue of the Hollywood Reporter, which contains a huge section on the Simpsons' 300th episode. Peter Byrne, Executive VP of Licensing and Merchandising for Fox Worldwide said the set "includes Bart in his pajamas and an extreme Homer (outfitted head to toe in skateboard gear)". All Playmates has said about this previously is that the set will feature "Simpsons family members dressed in different themes as seen in the 300th episode". No word on what the other three Simpsons family members will be dressed as yet, but we will definitely resolve this matter in our Toy Fair coverage this coming Sunday

Tonight at 8PM/7C, Homer discovers that the secret to life is to pray for things, and his prayers are answered, including one that ends up with him owning the church. It is followed by a rerun of "The Great Louse Detective" at 8:30PM. Also, tonight is the premiere of the Simpsons edition of 'Inside The Actors Studio' on Bravo at 8PM with other airings during the week (check your local listings).

300th Episode Internet Sweepstakes Announced!

The official Simpsons website is having an internet sweepstakes in honor of the upcoming 300th episode. The prize package includes: Limited Edition 300th Episode Skateboard, a 300th Episode T-Shirt, Limited Edition Series 1 Bendable Figurines and a 300th Episode Simpsons Poster! Use the provided link to enter. Thanks to SCS member Hank Scorpio for the heads up.

Cooder and Sinclair Shipping Again

UPDATE (2/11): Be-Sharp Homer is also shipping again. Check those mailboxes!

As we reported last month, the shipping of Playmates' mail-away figures was delayed as they were waiting on a final shipment from the factory. They have received the last of the Celebrity mail-away sets and they are shipping out to collectors now. Brian Holmes and others have informed us that they received the figures today.

'If there was any justice....

... my face would be on a bunch of crappy merchandise!' Several years ago, we never would've imagined the boom in Simpsons merchandising that we've had or even that we'd be less than two weeks from the 300th episode of the 'The Simpsons'. We're certainly not complaining, though! webmaster Jouni informs us that USA Today has a great article up on this momentous occasion, including a well-rounded list of 25 Simpsons goodies currently available or coming soon. Woo-hoo!

MWC Takes On The Faces of Springfield

Michael Crawford is back again tonight with another Simpsons review. This time Michael takes on the newly released Faces of Springfield Series 2 with Moe and Barney, which is showing up now at TRU and EB stores. He gives his fairly positive thoughts on these new 9" figures in this latest review (if it is not on the front page make sure to check the Cartoon Review Guide for 2/7/03).

Duffman Gets A Discount... Oh Yea!

We've got good news for collectors who were concerned about the high price of the Moe's Tavern playset. Electronics Boutique stores have lowered the price to $29.99. SCS Deputy Gooker1 also informed us that if you ordered it at 39.99 online and call EB, they'll refund you $10 for the difference. You also can get $10 off your order if you order both Moe's and the KBBL Studios set.

MORE NEWS: First...234..Last

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