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The SCS presents another in a series of interviews featuring our members, this time it's 20 Questions with Jazzman99. Make sure you check out the SCS Magazine for more of our 20 Questions Interviews. If you're interested in participating in 20 questions, be sure to check out our Message Board for more information.

Our Toy Fair 2003 coverage wraps up as we look at the following companies: NECA, Buffalo Games, Dark Horse Comics, Glory Innovations, and Gemmy. In previous days, we looked at the NJ Croce Simpsons bendables and Applause's line of Simpsons plush. We also have articles covering Sideshow Toy and Rocket USA. We also mentioned our extensive coverage of Playmates Toys and the WoS line in a previous news item. Thanks to our staffers Michael Crawford MWC, Nicole "spanikopita" Butigan, and Jeremy "blueduck37" Wilcox for their work in New York.

Toy Fair 2003: Playmates Toys

Check out our magazine article on Playmates Toys booth at Toy Fair 2003, including never-before-seen production sketches of the 2003 exclusives and pics of Series 12 through 14 figures. We will be adding close-up shots soon and have added some quick notes from our Playmates meeting.


The longest running prime time animated series in history (and longest running sitcom currently on the air) will celebrate a milestone tonight with the airing of it's 300th Episode. 'Barting Over' (8PM, Fox) will feature guest stars Jane Kaczmarek, blink 182 and Tony Hawk. Immediately following the 300th episode, Fox is airing another all new episode 'I'm Spelling As Fast As I Can', so don't forget to set your VCR or TIVO. It's important to point out that 'Barting Over' isn't actually the real 300th episode. For more information check out this article from our friends over at The Simpsons Archive.

Kwik-E-Mart Relocates to New York City

On a recent get-together of the New York City area collectors, SCS administrator blueduck37 visited the 'Kwik-E-Mart Boutique', the new Simpsons shop at the flagship FAO Schwartz location. The shop was designed to resemble Springfield's famous Kwik-E-Mart and features life-size sculptures of the Simpsons cast. See our newest magazine article for details and pictures.

Sideshow Unveils Simpsons Busts Prototypes

Sideshow Toy has unveiled prototypes for the first series of their line of detailed Simpsons busts, just in time for Toy Fair. It consists of Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa. These are due out in August and are up for preorder at Entertainment Earth. They will be followed by two more series this Fall, as we mentioned last month.

Happy Birthday, Phalen180!

The staff of the SCS wants to wish Jonathan (aka "phalen180"), our esteemed webmaster, a happy birthday as he turns 27 today! Originally the webmaster of the WoS Phrase Database website, Jonathan came to us a year and a half ago with the idea of expanding our forums into a full, detailed website and the rest is geek history. These days, he continues to keep the Database updated and also oversees all the technical, development aspects of the site. We salute you, sir!

Playmates Toys has issued a press release on the items featured in their Toy Fair showroom, including some new items like their "voice recognition" figure assortment. This info should answer some questions about some of the images that have surfaced. The press release reads:... read more has begun their Toy Fair coverage and they have many pictures from the Playmates Toys showroom. Don't forget to check back here Sunday night for our detailed coverage, including our exclusive Q & A with Playmates execs.

Countdown To Toy Fair...

The staff of the Simpsons Collector Sector is proud to be attending the 100th annual Toy Fair in New York next week. Our goal is to once again bring you the best and most in-depth coverage of Simpsons merchandise from this event. Our coverage will begin Sunday evening and will continue throughout the week as we seek out the pictures and information we've all been waiting for. For other webmasters wishing to reproduce and/or report any of our coverage, please take note of our image use policy:... read more

MORE NEWS: First...234..Last

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