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Due to very strong advance orders, Kidz Krave International is planning on expanding their upcoming line of Simpsons inflatable figures, which we reported on last month. Mark Tarses of Sunway Co informs us that, in addition to the previously announced eight characters, there are also now plans for Itchy, Scratchy, Apu, Chief Wiggum, Mr. Burns, and perhaps two or three others. No pictures have surfaced yet, but we will continue to update you as more info comes in.

The World of Springfield Geek Code Generator has finally been updated with new figures and environments and with capability to save and link to your code. It is also now feeding off of the WoSDB so it shouldn't ever be out of date again. In related news, the WoSDB update for Series 11 and Moe's Tavern has begun in earnest. Heights, weights, resistor codes and info have been posted for all figures and sets except for Plow King Barney (phalen180 doesn't have him yet). We'll let you know when the update is completed.

This isn't merchandise-related news, but we wanted to take this opportunity to spotlight one of our many great staffers: Anthony Regina (aka "B0b Frankend0rfer"). Anthony has done his first feature on the Simpsons over at The article ("The Simpsons: 14 Seasons in the Making") explores the evolution of the show from shorts to smash hit TV show to cult favorite to unparalleled TV phenomenon. He has also written a series of Simpsons trivia quizzes for the site. Mmmm, trivia....

New Releases Galore!

Many new tin toys from Rocket USA (Barney's Bowl-A-Rama game, Moe's Tavern pool game and the Itchy & Scratchy Pain-O-Meter) have been spotted at Suncoast stores and are available online at JGP Toys. JGP also has in stock the second series of Simpsons bendable figures from NJ Croce Co.

Licensed Nesting Dolls Coming To U.S.

Simpsons collectors may be familiar with the many bootleg Simpsons nesting dolls from Russia that have popped up on eBay, but now officially licensed ones are coming our way this May. They are made of solid wood, beautifully hand-painted, and should sell for around $15 a set. Thanks to Mark Tarses of SunwayCo for the info and pictures.

The Season 3 DVD set may be released in May after all. As we reported in an previous news item, Peter Staddon of Fox Home Entertainment announced a May release date for the long-awaited set and now we have found out that the French release date is set for May 28th. That is a good sign that a Region 1 release in May is still a possibility.... read more

Eye On eBay: Be-Sharp Apu In-Hand?

eBay seller tabascokat has the Series 11 mail-away figure Be-Sharp Apu in an in-hand auction. We have no indication that this figure has shipped yet and it is likely the seller got it through a direct connection. This might a good sign though that he'll be shipping soon and you can check your mail-away status online as always.

Look at the bottom of the right-hand menu for our newest feature - a style switcher. This Magazine article explains more.

Santa Barbara, California's Metro Entertainment will host an autograph session with Bongo Comics / Futurama artists Bill Morrison, Nathan Kane, Mike Rote and more TBA. The event will be held at their retail location on Saturday February 22, 2003. If you are not in the area, you can email them about their mail order offers for personalized autographed items.

Do Not Play With Daddy's Toys, Wear This Bib Instead

We've added a brand new design called "Daddy's Toys" and several new items to our Logo Store including postcards, toddler items and a ski cap. If you haven't taken a look at our signature SCS products (provided through CafePress), now is a good time!... read more

MORE NEWS: First...234..Last

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