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Now That's A Mug You Don't Want to Chug!

The World of Springfield Database has been updated with data, phrases and images of Series 11, Courtroom, Moe's and Duffman. We think they're our best pics yet. The images of Kang and Kodos have also been updated, we hope you like the more translucent look.

A new chart has also been added, Maximize Your Phrases, which will help you maximize the number of unique characters and phrases in your display - and the index/overview page has been updated with a list of the available WoS links. Whew! That's a lot of updates!

Who Likes WoS Reviews? We Do! We Do!

The staff at (Online Action Figure Evaluators) has put up a new review up of the Series 10 figure Stonecutter Homer. Check the "What's New" page for their latest reviews or look up past Simpsons reviews by category. Their reviews are really original and worth reading.

Bart's Treehouse Still On Schedule

The upcoming Bart's Treehouse environment has not been cancelled, despite emails being sent out by It probably just means that Amazon has sold out or will not be selling the set at all anymore. There was a similar problem last summer when Amazon falsely reported that the exclusive Bowling Alley and New Years sets had been 'cancelled'.

New Force/EB To Share Future Burns Exclusive

UPDATE (2/27): We have created a poll about this exclusive set.

Rick from New Force Comics has announced that he tentatively will be the retailer of the exclusive 'Future Burns' set that we revealed in our Toy Fair coverage. This is set to be a shared exclusive with Electronics Boutique (Diamond Comics will not be an exclusive partner with EB this time), though that is not 100% definite yet. The price will be in the usual $30-35 range. writes that they will soon be offering production animation cels from the following episodes... read more

The SCS presents a special installment of our 20 Questions interviews. Today we take a look at the man who makes the SCS what it is, the man who keeps this place running, often times on nothing more than sheer will and Del Taco; We present 20 Questions with SCS staffer phalen180. Learn the secrets and inner workings of the SCS, and what a 'nulocule' really is.

To complement the already geektacular offerings in our World of Springfield Database, we've now added a section titled "Compatibility" to the database's menu. Follow the Chart by Environment link to view figure compatibility for each environment. Ten environments are listed at a time, use the "previous" and "next" links to move between pages, and the phrasecount links to view the phrases for a particular figure on a particular environment. A Chart by Figure is also available.

'Risky Business' DVD/VHS Delayed

The UK release of the DVD/VHS 'Risky Business' has been delayed until April 7th. Also, the UK magazine DVD Review has said that the Season 3 DVD box set will be released in the USA in either June or July as opposed to the May release predicted by Peter Staddon of Fox Home Entertainment which we reported in a previous news item.

According to Diamond Comics' weekly shipping list, the following Simpsons items will be shipping this Wednesday to comic stores and other retailers who ordered them:

Simpsons Plushes Up For Preorder

The initial Homer and Bart plush doll assortment by Applause and the upcoming Treehouse of Horror series are now up for preorder at Entertainment Earth. They vary in price, depending on their size. As we mentioned in our Toy Fair coverage, Applause is planning a variety of plush Simpsons characters throughout the year.

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