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MORE NEWS: First...2345..Last posted this article focusing solely on Simpsons merchandise at Toy Fair 2002. They announce some new products including Deluxe Dancing Boogie Homer, Hula Homer, Skeleton Homer, and Santa Homer from Gemmy, a Simpsons-themed Pictionary game from USAopoly, and a Homer Simpson Soap-on-a-rope. They also quote the executive VP of Fox Licensing and Merchandising as saying the last Christmas season was the strongest ever for Simpsons products and 2002 will see the most extensive line-up released in years.

According to Diamond Comics' weekly shipping list, the following Simpsons items will be shipping this Wednesday to comic stores and other retailers who ordered them:


You can now read our all-new interview conducted live and in person at Toy Fair with Jeff Trojan of Playmates Toys. Moderator Spanikopita posed some of the questions that have been burning in collectors' minds for a long time as well as some that have come up recently, and got some answers that may (or may not) surprise you.

Toy Fair 2002: Basic Fun

UPDATE (2/13): Some clearer and close-up shots of the Wind-ups added.

UPDATE: A couple more pictures added.

Our Toy Fair 2002 coverage continues with some items from Basic Fun, including some interesting new plastic wind-up toys. We should have more pictures of products from this company later in the day.

Toy Fair 2002: Playmates Toys

UPDATE (2/13): Oops, we lied, we found one more nice shot of the Deep Space Homer mini-figure set to add.

UPDATE (2/12): Our final update has been made to the Playmates coverage, including some more shots of the showroom and some additional and improved shots of Series 8 figures, Series 9 figures, Asst. E playsets, and Main Street.

UPDATE (2/12): More views of Main Street and other playsets added. Images of Sunday Best Lisa and Homer at the Bat figure sets replaced with improved shots. Updates will continue today.

UPDATE: More pics of Toy Fair displays and loose Blockos added as well as information, release dates, and lists of products where pictures are not available.

UPDATE: More pics of Playmates displays, playset close-ups, Episode Multi-pack packaging, and Diamond Comics packaged Blockos added.

UPDATE: Loose Series 8 and Series 9 figure pics added.

UPDATE: Talking School Bus and mini-figure multi-pack pics added.

UPDATE: Carded Series 8 figures and boxed and loose DMV and Cafeteria pics added.

UPDATE: Main Street, Retirement Castle, Police Station, and a clearer Series 8 pic added.

It begins! Our Toy Fair 2002 coverage has been updated with what everybody's been waiting for, Playmates Toys 2002! We have many more items and shots we will be adding throughout the day, but we start off with an assortment of some products you were expecting, some you weren't, and some that have never been pictured before. Watch for updates all day.

Our Toy Fair 2002 coverage has been updated with new items from returning Simpsons merchandisers Rix Tins and Cardinal Games including all-new dartboard and dominoes games.

Toy Fair 2002: Our Coverage Begins with Rocket USA

UPDATE (2/13): Shots of a couple more pewter items added.

UPDATE (2/12): Some pictures from different angles of some items added.

Toy Fair 2002 kicked off today and so does our coverage of Simpsons merchandise at the big annual event. We've created a Toy Fair 2002 page to show off all-new, exclusive pictures and information on the new Simpsons items coming from every company we could find at the show. As we update the page with new pictures from the weeklong event, including the big Playmates update, we will notify you here in the news. Our coverage starts with over 10 upcoming releases from Rocket USA.

Moderator Michael Crawford MWC has lent his critical eye to the new All-Star Voices figures at his popular review site Michael's Review of the Week. It looks like these celebrities have used their considerable charisma to charm a glowing review out of MWC.

Take a Ride on the School Bus

Here is a brand new image of the new Playmates Toys Simpsons School Bus provided by Forbidden Planet. This should be on display at Toy Fair 2002. It appears to be a stand-alone toy similar to last year's Family Car. Be sure to check our site this week for exclusive coverage of Simpsons merchandise from the annual Toy Fair event.

Jon Lovitz returns as a Simpsons guest star after over half a decade when Artie Ziff re-enters the lives of Marge and Homer Simpson tonight on FOX. Here is's summary of the episode:

Half Decent Proposal
30 min.

Jon Lovitz lends his voice in a wild parody of the 1993 film “Indecent Proposal.”

Lovitz plays Marge's one-time prom date Artie Ziff, a nerd who turned Marge off when he turned all-hands. Now, a techno-invention has made him rich. Encouraged by her sisters, and some girls-night imbibing, Marge e-mails Artie, who responds by helicoptering onto the Simpsons' lawn and inviting the family to his yacht. There, he makes his proposition: one million bucks to spend a weekend alone with Marge. And Artie promises “no funny stuff.” The Simpsons agree when they realize the money will help their marriage---by paying for an operation to cure Homer's snoring.

Rating: TV-PG
Content: Strong, Coarse Language, Violence
Category: Comedy
Release Year: 2002

MORE NEWS: First...2345..Last

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