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The February romantic theme continues on The Simpsons tonight on FOX at 8PM ET, part of a 2-hour block of new FOX episodes which kicks off with Futurama at 7PM ET. In tonight's episode, the Simpsons visit Canada and Bart gets romantically involved with a character voiced by celebrity guest star Reese Witherspoon. A Simpsons rerun follows at 9PM ET. Here is ... read more

If you like to collect Simpsons magazine articles, there is a highly original one in the current issue of TV Guide. In the issue you can read "Behind the Green Hair," a mock interview of Krusty the Clown as conducted by James Lipton of Inside the Actors Studio. The parody includes two original drawings and two pages of exchanges ... read more

Here are more pictures of some Toy Fair items we reported on before. The first is an image of one of the Dancing Homers by ... read more has been pre-selling the upcoming World of Springfield releases for a while and they just added Playmates catalog shots to their listings for Series 8 and 9. The catalog shot for Series 9 has never been before, and it ... read more

Rocket USA posted a new newsletter on their site mentioning their upcoming Simpsons products, including the first pictures of all the motion clickers outside of Toy Fair and descriptions of how they work. They also have some preview images and ... read more

Save Futurama from Cancellation

As a Simpsons site, we are a friend of Futurama, Matt Groening's other animated series. With the survival of that show now in serious crisis according to this Variety article, we wanted to make you aware of this petition set up by Can't Get Enough Futurama to let fans tell FOX they want the show to continue. You can also communicate to FOX directly using this contact information (here are more specific addresses for the top executives). Here are example letters written by member Number908 and moderator JediJones. As always, you can visit The Futurama Foundation message board to discuss all things Futurama including efforts to keep the show alive.

It only took one and a half years since the first World of Springfield Pin Pal figure hit, but now moderator blueduck37 has taken these shots of the full Pin Pals action figure team reunited at last (except for poor Otto). These sportsmen may not be ready for the Olympics, but we love them anyway. Check back for a group shot of the complete Sunday Best Simpson family at the First Church of Springfield later this year.

Member PumpkinKing666 reports finding the All-Star Voices figures at the Toys "R" Us in Paradise Valley in Phoenix, Arizona. This is the second major retailer to get them after Wal-Mart. This suggests they will be hitting Toys "R" Us stores all over the country this month, although he says his store only got 1 case so far.

Moderator Michael Crawford MWC consulted with Playmates about a 2002 list that surfaced this week at Collecting Simpsons!, which included some rumored products not announced at Toy Fair. Jeff Trojan tells us most of these are under consideration but have not been approved or ... read more

Member forecheck got a bit of good news and bad news today about the ToyFare Boxing Homer he's been waiting to receive. The figure finally arrived, but apparently not before an aspiring Drederick Tatum protege working for the delivery service put the poor fellow through the beating of his life.

MORE NEWS: First...2345..Last

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