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"The Lastest Gun in the West" debuts tonight in the U.S. at 8:00 P.M., guest-starring cowboy Dennis Weaver. "The Blunder Years" reruns at 9:00 P.M. For plot synopsis and more details, visit TV Guide's show page for the Simpsons.

Our member Treehouse of Horror reports that posted this announcement about an upcoming Simpsons Halloween promotion at Burger King:

"Equity Marketing is known for much more than their Scooby-Doo action figures! The company also produces a variety of high quality Fast Food Premium Toys! In 2002, Equity will be the ... read more

Eye on eBay: Homer Descending A Staircase

We recently spotted this auction by Fox Auctions of an original oil painting by Simpsons animator and director Wes Archer, which depicts Homer Simpsons falling down a flight of stairs, in a style which pays homage to animation and the early Cubists.

Metro Entertainment in Santa Barbara, California will be hosting a signing on March 2, 2002. Simpsons & Futurama comics artists and writers, including Bill Morrison and Nathan Kane, will be available to sign autographs and make complimentary sketches of your favorite Simpsons or Futurama character. There is no fee to attend, but a purchase of 3 ... read more

Season Two DVD

Amazon UK has added this image of the front of the Simpsons Season Two DVD box set, expected to be released on June 17, 2002. This recent story from The Simpsons Park by way of Evergreen Terrace details the expected special features.

We've been hearing several reports that Target is raising prices on World of Springfield figures from $4.99 to $5.99. This may or may not happen everywhere but appears to be widespread. This puts Target's price at the same level as Toys "R" Us and Electronics Boutique's and makes Wal-Mart currently the lowest priced at $5.44. Playsets at Target remain $19.99. Meanwhile, it appears that Toys ... read more

According to Diamond Comics' weekly shipping list, the following Simpsons items will be shipping this Wednesday to comic stores and other retailers who ordered them:

DEC012181 SIMPSONS COMICS #67 $2.50

We're looking for a new banner for the message board and are running a contest to find one. Banner must be 400 x 150 pixels or smaller. Prizes such as Boxing Homer, Convention Comic Book Guy, Season 1 DVD, UK non-interactive Apu, and others will be awarded to the winner and several runners-up. We are looking for merchandise-based, not animation-based imagery. Read more specific info and ... read more

Second Wave of Non-interactive Figures Arriving?

UPDATE (2/18): The seller now says she put up the wrong picture and is only selling the original Barney figure. Meanwhile, member Greg Unit posts that this second wave is coming to France in March.

Reader jkrussell pointed out this eBay auction selling what appears to be a World of Springfield non-interactive figure of Barney on the tri-logo cards that shipped to France, Germany, and Spain last year from Bandai, after which a similar series was released in the UK from Vivid. It appears that the rest of the original World of Springfield Series 2 figures from 2000 are also shown on the card and therefore would probably be part of this wave, although the Homer and Bart shown may be the original costumes and not the Pin Pal and Sunday Best versions. If anyone has any further information on this series such as when and where it is being released, please let us know.

UPDATE (2/23): We apologize for misrepresenting the seller's gender in our previous update.

Simpsons Cereal Resurfacing

If you're having trouble finding the Kellogg's Simpsons cereal, member spman200 reports finding it at the close-out store Big Lots. Look for a location in your area with the Big Lots store locator.

MORE NEWS: First...2345..Last

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