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This Home Testing Kit Saved Me a Fortune

Grant's Toys has the new Simpsons Magic Eightball up for presale for $8.50. Let Homer Simpson make your decisions for you, with over 20 different pieces of advice. They also have many other great preorders like the Itchy & Scratchy Lunchbox and in-stock items like the life-size Homer standup.

... and assigned your contest entries numbers based on the order in which they were received. That's right, all of the entries our in to our Banner Contest 2002 and the voting is on. Click on the link and look at our whopping 118 banner ideas! Meanwhile, our crack team of judges will have the list of winners back to you by noon (-6 GMT) tomorrow.

DVD File reports that the Season Two DVD boxset will have a June 4, 2002 release date and feature many new extras. is offering the set for $37.49, which may be a good deal for those also preordering the Celebrity 2-Pack.

Use these codes to get discounts with Amazon: CHNKBKAMZNFT - $5 off $35, MAPWNEVALLEY - $10 off $75

You may also be interested in searching for the lowest available price on the Season Two DVD set at DVD Price Search or a similar site.

Member Redrumh2o let us know that the following upcoming items, most of them with brand new pictures:

are up for preorder at There are new pictures of Series 8 with their accessories available there and a release date of April 15, 2002 is listed for the Celeb. 2-pack.

Burger King will be running another Simpsons figure promotion in the United Kingdom this summer, featuring the residents of Springfield in an all-out soccer match. Thanks to member BobUK for the pics!

According to Diamond Comics' weekly shipping list, the following Simpsons items will be shipping this Wednesday to comic stores and other retailers who ordered them:


Simpsons Collector Sector (website) is in urgent need of a new home. We are currently looking for a dedicated server or shared hosting solution on a Windows 2000 server which satisfies these hosting requirements. If you can help or know of someone who can, please contact us ASAP.

Two Grown Men Who Can't Get Enough of Each Other

EB now has the shared exclusive KBBL with Bill and Marty playset up for preorder.

phalen180 and markwars1972, in their continued effort to prove how they can outgeek anyone when it comes to World of Springfield, have developed the first ever WoS Geek Code.

... read more

Ebay seller davegreenway recently auctioned off the set of hard-to-find Burger King Wheelies from 1992. He has generously provided these images for our archives and for your viewing pleasure. Member BillyD2 has also provided an image of a German promotional card for the set. Please note that Bart and Homer originally came with green, and not yellow, bases - the ones pictured are replacements.

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