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Season 9 DVD Arrives Today!

The Simpsons Season 9 DVD set hits stores today. Target is the best option with a $29.99 sale price. The DVD features all uncut Season 9 episodes, commentary tracks on all episodes, deleted scenes, and other animation showcases. Full listings on episodes and extras are available in our Release Guide. Reminder: There will be two versions of the DVD both available at retail- one with a Lisa head (seen to the left) and a normal box. Other than the box, there is no difference between the two sets. Additional extras include a Simpsons movie sneak peek and postcard replicas of the Rolling Stone covers from a few years back.

Next Bust-Up Series Featured In ToyFare

The newest issue of ToyFare magazine (#114- February 2007) features in their 'Incoming!' section a look at the next series of Gentle Giant's Bust-Ups. The fifth series- themed around love/hearts- is due out in February, hopefully in time for Valentine's Day. The previous four series should still be available in comic and collectibles shops.

After a few teases, McFarlane Toys has revealed official prototype images for the first official series in their Simpsons line, due this Spring. Two pieces have been removed from the plans: Bart as the Raven, and Homer and Krusty from 'Homie the Clown'. The series now consists of four figures/dioramas and a deluxe boxed set.

Here is the lineup for the series as it stands now:... read more

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